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5 Ways to Reach Out in a Post-Christian Culture

On the surface the numbers can look bleak – the culture we live in in America is slipping further and further away from God. A recent Gallup survey found that only 81% of Americans believe in God, the lowest percent ever! So how should the Church react and what steps are effective when fewer people in our community express a belief in God?

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The Importance Of Your Christmas Timeline

This is the time of year that calendars fill up and it’s easy to drop one of the many balls that we are all juggling. So this is just a short reminder that when it comes to preparing and inviting people to your church this Christmas, your timeline is critical. You can increase engagement, see more visitors and make a bigger impact if you follow this strategy:

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Choosing the Best Advent Series for Your Church

Christmas really has become too commercialized and even non-Christians in your community may be feeling like the spirit of the holiday is missing. Believe it or not, there may be people listening to your Christmas Sermon who actually don’t know that Christmas changed everything so getting back to basics but in a fresh way is a great idea.

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5 Reasons to Host a Movie Night at Your Church

There’s possibly nothing more American than a trip to the movies. Okay, maybe baseball and apple pie, but not much else. And although many movies are created mostly to entertain, there are also movies that uplift, inspire, share the Gospel — and even serve as a form of outreach for your church. If you’ve never tried hosting a community-wide movie night at your church, consider these five reasons why you might want to plan one soon…

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It’s No Secret…QR Codes Can Help Your Church!

When QR codes first appeared over 10 years ago, the little squares were a novelty that didn’t really catch on…well better smartphone technology and COVID changed all that. Now, even my 95 yr old aunt knows what one is and how to use it! And it turns out QR codes are a pretty helpful tool to put in your ministry arsenal – and they can help you connect with people better!

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Invite cards are the perfect tool to make it easy for your congregation to invite people to church.