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How a Complete Sermon Series Can Benefit Your Church This Easter


How a Complete Sermon Series Can Benefit Your Church This Easter

It’s already mid-February and Easter is just two months away – do you have a plan in place? Easter is a tense time for ministry staff – but what if there was a resource that could make your service planning faster, easier and fresh? It’s not a flight of fancy, it’s a complete sermon series kit! 


By simplifying things with a sermon series kit, your church leaders and their teams can reduce stress, easily create a cohesive, professional look across all platforms, and guarantee you’ll share the Good News and hope of Easter with guests in a clear and compelling way.

Here’s is why a Sermon Kit is perfect for Easter:

Sermon Kits Can Lighten The Load

The right resources can help you do your ministry job while staying emotionally well. A study done by Duke university found that 7% of clergy members experience both anxiety and depression, most commonly resulting from stress in their work lives.


With our turnkey kits, you can focus on what matters most. You’ll have access to resources that are designed for any size church or audience! All of the customizable sermon kits include key things like videos, social and website graphics and slide background images – so there’s no need to outsource design or video work.

Kits Create a Cohesive Look

Having a cohesive look for your Easter series creates a professional look in your services, on your social media channels, and throughout your building. It also gives your congregation something to rally around. 


To continue the branding, you can choose to send postcard mailers and distribute invite cards throughout the community that match the look of the sermon series kit. That way, whenever people receive a postcard or invitation and see the same look shared from your church on one of their social media feeds, they will link the two mentally and pay closer attention. 


Catching the attention of your community paves the way to bringing them in, or engaging them online, so they can hear about the resurrection of Jesus!

Kits Ensure You’ll Share the Gospel Clearly.

Sermon series kits are designed to set your church up for evangelism opportunities. Each sermon is customizable, so the pastor can share personal illustrations in the midst of Biblical teaching. But, they are also organized so that those who hear them – online or in-person – will hear a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an opportunity to respond. If you’ve done the work to prepare and invite, let’s make sure the door is wide open for them to place their faith in Jesus!


Ready to get started? Here is a look at the available Easter Kits:

About the Resurrecting Hope Sermon Series Kit

Resurrecting Hope

New for 2022, Resurrecting Hope: Overcoming Life’s Greatest Challenges will help your church members and guests resurrect hope in their own lives as they walk through this four-week series that starts on Easter Sunday and continues for three follow-up weeks. The Kit includes four customizable sermons, eight videos, over 30 social and web graphics, sermon background slide graphics, a planning guide, social media guide and more! 


In addition to the series kit, the Resurrecting Hope design is available on invitation tools, indoor and outdoor banners, bulletin shells, handheld greeting signs and more tools you can use around your church building, giving you a cohesive theme for the season!  


If Resurrecting Hope is not quite the theme you are looking for, there are four other multiple-sermon series kits available to download.

 Looking for an Easter Sunday only sermon kit? Check out 2022’s The Greatest Comeback in History. It includes a customizable sermon, 15 social media graphics, sermon slide background graphics, five videos and more!

The Greatest Comeback design is also available on other church tools like invitations, banners and indoor decor tools.


After using one of these kits to help you this Easter, you might just find that the busy holiday seasons aren’t the only time a  fresh series with all the extra resources would come in handy. That’s where the Outreach Church Kit and Video Subscription plan can be a big help. 


After creating an account and subscribing for the year, you can add church kits and videos to your library and then download just specific files from the kits or the entire content straight onto your computer. The items stay in your library so you can access them anytime, and your subscription will automatically renew for easy convenience. 


The digital kit team regularly adds new kits to the library so there are always new, compelling sermons, videos and graphics ready for you to download – make the $199 subscription price a great bargain!

Carri Gambill

Carri Gambill

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