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Last Minute Tips Before A Big Event

This weekend thousands of churches will be participating in National Back to Church Sunday (BTCS) and are preparing now to welcome and engage with visitors from their communities. This could be a big week for many of you – and even if you aren’t planning a big event this weekend, you probably have one coming up in the next month or two, so here are some tips to help you with last minute preparations:

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Ready for a Big Event? Follow These 5 Steps!

Fall is just around the corner and if you’re like most churches, you are probably planning lots of activities for this busy season: Back to Church, harvest festivals, trunk or treat and more. But besides planning the event, have you prepared your people and building? Follow these 5 tips today….

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Using Press Releases & PSAs to Promote Your Church Events. 

As a church, you likely have a lot of great events and initiatives happening throughout the year, including community service events, National Back to Church Sunday or special guest speakers. But how do you make sure that your local community is aware of all the good work your church is doing? Use these tools to get more media attention, here’s how….

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9 Ways Your Church Can Support Schools, Students, Parents and Teachers

When summer winds down, families and teachers get ready for another school year. For many, stocking up on new school supplies and clothing isn’t easy—or even possible. Become a friendly resource to families, teachers and school administrators by offering support —not only as that first day approaches, but all year long.

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Where Did All the Evangelism Conferences Go?

There was a time where the largest gatherings of denominations or regions was their annual evangelism conferences. But it’s obvious that such conferences don’t have the allure they once did. Evangelism has fallen on hard times these days—and conferences have as well. I’m not writing to criticize these; nor do I think that more evangelism conferences are always the answer, but the lack of many is a symptom of a larger problem…

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8 Reasons You Should Participate in Back to Church Sunday 2022

What if you could launch your Fall 2022 ministry season with a special event that excites your staff and volunteers, engages your church’s congregation and becomes a rallying point for everyone to get involved and reach out to the lost in your community? That is what National Back to Church Sunday (BTCS) can do, and has done, in thousands of churches over the last 13 years – here are eight reasons why you should participate in 2022

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