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Hot Sermon Resources for Summer

The temps are heating up and everyone else is on vacation, but there is no need to stress about your weekend service plans, check out these complete, customizable sermon kit downloads to make summer (and fall) sermon planning a breeze!


The temps are heating up and your staff is probably taking vacation time with their family. But there is no need to stress about providing excellent weekend services, just take advantage of these customizable series kits and make summer sermon planning a breeze…

To start out, pre-designed sermon kits are a legitimate resource for any busy pastor and staff. Every series mentioned in this article includes sermons that can act as a starting point for your own thoughts – they are all customizable to fit your church and preaching style. Then the sermons are paired with professionally-designed graphics for your website and social pages, slide graphics for your presentation software and videos you can use during services and online!  

An added bonus for your planning, each of the kits listed below are available a la carte for between $39 and $69 each. O if you subscribe to the annual subscription plan, you get instant access to every kit plus every new kit introduced (around 10 a year) for less than $200! 

Great Series Ideas for Summer: 

Here are some great sermon kit choices that would work well this summer but these are not the ONLY options available- there are over 50 kits online so if you want more variety take a look here

Hot Topics: 


In God We Trust

We live in a culture that has misplaced its trust and in an uncertain time because of conflict, sickness, turmoil, and more. The question is, when we feel anxious, who do we place our trust in? In this one-day sermon kit, using lessons from Daniel, help your congregation realize that no matter what, we are free to worship and put God first and that he is our only true source of hope that we should trust.

If I Am In Christ

We are constantly searching for our true identities. We look for it in our careers, our relationships, and our achievements. The problem is that it will never be found there. It is only when we are found in Christ that we begin to live into God’s design for our lives. Based on lessons from Ephesians, If I Am In Christ, is a four-week series that helps your church community see themselves through God’s eyes.

Rolling Up Our Sleeves: Serve Sunday

Jesus did not come to the earth in order to be served. Instead, He came to serve. Based on the story from John 13, Rolling Up Our Sleeves, is a one-day sermon that encourages your church that like Christ, through words and actions, we can serve a world that is hurting and in need by “washing feet” with the love of Christ.

Creatures of Habit

Each of us has a set of routines which can be helpful, but we can also easily get stuck in ruts that can set us back. We must be careful: What we believe determines what we do, and what we do determines who we become. This four week series explores how we can trade bad habits for good ones that glorify God and help us be the people God intends us to be.

Bible Stories/Theme:

Jonah: Grace for All 

As Christians, we’re called to share the good news of Jesus with everyone. But what about those people? You know, the ones you think don’t deserve it: people who don’t think like us, act like us, look like us or live like us. Take your church into a deep dive into the book of Jonah to discover the God with enough grace for all – even for us.

Abide In Me: Lessons from John 15

Abide in Me is a powerful four-week sermon series that explores how we can live a more full and Godly life when we follow Jesus’ command to abide in him. Share with your church and community how the Bible offers fundamental lessons from inside the vineyard: Jesus is the vine, God is the gardener, every life produces fruit, and abiding is a result of love.

Street Smarts

In all of God’s infinite wisdom, he has designed our world to work and function in a certain way. The key to living the full life in Christ is working with God’s intention rather than against it. In order to do this, we need Godly wisdom. Take your church and community on a journey to discover true godly wisdom that we can use every day to make decisions and live a fuller life.

Preparing for Back to Church Sunday: 

National Back to Church Sunday is the third Sunday in September. This event is designed to help your church invite everyone in the community to give church and make church a regular part of their weekly routines. For more Back to Church resources, visit the website. 

Back to Church Sunday Celebration Event Kit

God designed the church as a place where we are rooted in Him through community, belief in Christ, serving one another, living life together and growing. The church is not a building but a community of people. This 4-week series launches with a vision-casting sermon encouraging your regular attenders to invite friends and neighbors to church. Week 2 shares how being a member of a church can help root your life in faith and have purpose and meaning. The last two weeks of the series cover the practices of prayer, Bible study and fellowship furthers our spiritual growth. 

Hope Happens Here

It’s time to invite everyone to come give church a try! Share hope with your community and see your largest attendance numbers in years.This digital kit includes everything you need to promote and host a one-week church-changing Back to Church event.

As we said before, this is just a small selection of options available online, so check out the full selection and have your sermons planned out in time to fire up the grill!

Carri Gambill

Carri Gambill

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