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Christmas is one of the times of year when people in your community will be more open to attending church. But it’s still vital that we are intentional about reaching out and inviting people to be a part of our holiday events.

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Preparing Your Church to Welcome Back Visitors

As the summer vacations come to an end, churches have a unique opportunity to welcome back their congregations and extend a warm invitation to visitors. By taking these steps churches can lay a strong foundation for an inclusive and vibrant community. Let us strive to create an environment that fosters fellowship, support and spiritual growth.

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Hot Sermon Resources for Summer

The temps are heating up and everyone else is on vacation, but there is no need to stress about your weekend service plans, check out these complete, customizable sermon kit downloads to make summer (and fall) sermon planning a breeze!

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What to Do During VBS Week

You’ve done all the planning. You’ve checked everything off your to-do list. You’ve even got your follow-up game plan in place. The children will be showing up soon. Now what?

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Time to Plant – Back to Church Sunday Season is Coming!

The new 2023 Back to Church Sunday church kit and invitation tools just premiered and there are still four months before the National event date, it’s time to take action. And instead of being overwhelmed, I’m going to show you how easy planning a big event on September 17 can be…

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Reaching Out to New Movers: How Your Church Can Attract and Connect with New Families

As you seek to grow your church and reach more people in your community, one group that should not be overlooked is new movers. These are families who have recently relocated to a new area and are seeking to establish themselves in their new community. Here are some reasons why new movers are a good audience to invite to church, as well as some effective methods for attracting them.

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5 Ways to Attract and Connect with Families on Mother’s Day

Looking to attract new families to your church this Mother’s Day? In this article, we provide five practical ways for you to make your Mother’s Day services more family-friendly and welcoming. From planning engaging activities to creating a warm atmosphere and offering follow-up opportunities, we’ll show you how to make the most of this special occasion to connect with families and keep them coming back.

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Keeping Your Easter Momentum

Reconnecting with visitors after Easter is important for building relationships and encouraging them to become a part of your church community. Here are some recommendations for next steps:

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