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Choosing the Best Advent Series for Your Church

Christmas really has become too commercialized and even non-Christians in your community may be feeling like the spirit of the holiday is missing. Believe it or not, there may be people listening to your Christmas Sermon who actually don’t know that Christmas changed everything so getting back to basics but in a fresh way is a great idea.

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Trypraying. It’s a Wild Idea

I was sitting in a design studio in Edinburgh. Jane, the CEO of a branding and design agency, was hearing me explain about this booklet idea saying it was for people who are not religious and don’t ‘do’ church. What happened next shocked me. Her eyes filled with tears and she said, ‘This is huge!’…

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6 Ways to Create a Super Greeter Team!

A good greeter can make your visitors feel welcome, relaxed and more comfortable. And they are your best testimony! They show how wonderful and helpful your church is. With a properly trained team, your visitors feel like they have already started to make friends simply by walking through the door. How do you build this amazing team? Here are some ways to turn your volunteers into super greeters.

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9 Ways Your Church Can Support Schools, Students, Parents and Teachers

When summer winds down, families and teachers get ready for another school year. For many, stocking up on new school supplies and clothing isn’t easy—or even possible. Become a friendly resource to families, teachers and school administrators by offering support —not only as that first day approaches, but all year long.

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5 Reasons to Host a Movie Night at Your Church

There’s possibly nothing more American than a trip to the movies. Okay, maybe baseball and apple pie, but not much else. And although many movies are created mostly to entertain, there are also movies that uplift, inspire, share the Gospel — and even serve as a form of outreach for your church. If you’ve never tried hosting a community-wide movie night at your church, consider these five reasons why you might want to plan one soon…

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5 Summer Preaching Series Ideas

Summer is here and it’s a time for vacations, extra time with the kids, outdoor activities and relaxing a bit. But even though your Sunday services may have lots of empty chairs and staff and volunteers are scarce, as the pastor you still need to provide a powerful and compelling service every weekend. Don’t fall into the summer slump, get a little help by using a couple sermon series kits!

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8 Reasons You Should Participate in Back to Church Sunday 2022

What if you could launch your Fall 2022 ministry season with a special event that excites your staff and volunteers, engages your church’s congregation and becomes a rallying point for everyone to get involved and reach out to the lost in your community? That is what National Back to Church Sunday (BTCS) can do, and has done, in thousands of churches over the last 13 years – here are eight reasons why you should participate in 2022

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