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Preparing for Easter Visitors: A Pastor’s To-Do List

Easter is one of the times when people who don’t normally attend church will come to visit. Be prepared for your visitors by taking time to plan and prepare so your guests will have a positive experience. Follow this to-do list to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Easter is one of the most significant holidays of our faith and a time when many people who don’t regularly attend church will come to worship. As a pastor, it’s important to prepare for these Easter visitors and create a welcoming environment for them. By taking the time to plan and prepare, you can help make their visit a positive experience and encourage them to return in the future. In this blog post, we’ll provide a to-do list to use in preparing your church for Easter visitors. From planning special services to providing resources for your guests, these tips will help create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your church.

  1. Prepare a  sermon series: Plan a sermon series that launches on Easter Sunday. This could include topics such as the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection, or the hope and joy that comes with new life in Christ. Check out the Made New series or Easter-Sunday only Church Kits for a one-stop comprehensive download to speed up your preparation time! 
  2. Create outreach initiatives: Plan outreach initiatives to attract new visitors, such as inviting members to bring friends and family, sending out invitations to the community, or creating social media posts to spread the word.
  3. Train greeters and ushers: Ensure that greeters and ushers are trained to provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Consider adding a parking team too. Then provide them with Visitor Parking banners and Handheld Greeting signs
  4. Prepare the worship space: Decorate the sanctuary in a way that reflects the joy and celebration of Easter. Consider using flowers, banners, or other decorations to enhance the worship space. Don’t forget to upgrade your directional signage so guests know where to find your children’s area, restrooms, refreshments and worship center.

    TIP: Check out the new Rigid Signs – they are lightweight, easy to hang and inexpensive! 

  5. Plan children’s activities: Plan activities for children during the service or create a separate children’s program. This will help parents feel more comfortable bringing their children to church and encourage them to return in the future. The Made New church kit includes a Children’s Lesson with videos and games! 
  6. Provide resources for visitors: Consider providing visitors with a gift book and package of resources such as a welcome packet, a brochure about the church’s beliefs, or a list of upcoming events.
  7. Follow up with visitors: During your service, be sure to invite visitors to come back the next Sunday as you continue your sermon series. Also after Easter Sunday, make sure to follow up with visitors to thank them for attending and invite them to return. This could be done through a phone call, email, or mailing.

By following this to-do list, pastors can help create a warm and welcoming environment for Easter visitors and encourage them to return in the future.

Carri Gambill

Carri Gambill

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