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7 Ways to Digitally Market Your Easter Event

Posted by Alison Kennedy 2 years ago


Looking for last minute ways to digitally boost the buzz for your Easter event? These ideas should be used in conjunction with other invitational tools such as InviteCards and DoorHangers because the best invitation is a personal one whether it…


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Church Image and Identity

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 2 years ago

Church Image and Design

Church Image: How to Communicate What You’re All About “Image is everything,” or so we are told by the advertising industry. And while this may not be true, it is still important for churches to be aware of their perception…


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To Save A Life is Still Impacting Lives

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 3 years ago

To Save A Life Movie

Guest post from Stephanie Kozak an Outreach Films employee. Since its theater release in January 2010, TO SAVE A LIFE has been impacting lives. Each week over 2K new people “like” the To Save A Life Facebook page. As the…


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Get Your Church on Facebook

Posted by Alison Kennedy 3 years ago

Facebook image

Facebook has over 500 Million active users! Is your church connecting to them? Here are five ways that I’ve seen Facebook used at our church office to help connect to people at our church: Event Planning and Organizing Inviting Visitors to “like”…


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Are We Too Comfortable?

Posted by Kim Levings 4 years ago


Not only have we forgotten how to have authentic relationships outside of our Christian “bubbles,” we have taken time to become entrenched in our ways and develop a comfort zone—where we’re all fat, happy sheep. [Read More]


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HOW TO: Follow Outreach and Outreach Campaigns via RSS, Facebook, Twitter and more!

Posted by admin 4 years ago

If you are an Outreach customer, chances are you visit Outreach.com directly or receive various e-blasts for your news and updates. However, there are dozens of ways to get updates from Outreach regarding products, programs and services so we thought we’d round them up for you in one useful…