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Your Complete Guide to Welcome Back Communication Tools


The safety and well-being of our community is our top priority as we regather, and as we welcome our church back into the buildings, good communication is essential for bolstering their confidence and guiding them through the new safety measures. These tools will help ensure a smooth reopening for your church…


The safety and well-being of our community is our top priority as we regather, and as we welcome our church back into the buildings, good communication is essential for bolstering their confidence and guiding them through the new measures we’ve established to minimize their risk of contracting COVID-19.

At Outreach we are listening carefully to churches in all stages of reopening and have a complete line of “Welcome Back” products designed to ensure a smooth reopening for churches all across America.


Good communication starts as soon as your visitors arrive. Setting expectations is essential, both for the safety of the community and the peace of mind of each person. If your congregants know where to go, what precautions are expected and any changes to the normal order of events, they will feel more comfortable, informed and safe as you reopen.

Consider Street Signs in your parking lot and church entry to broadcast changes that affect your members. Their large and sturdy build make them durable but easily moveable inside or out. Give directions to help guests park, safety instructions or just words of welcome and inspiration to remind everyone that though everything looks a little different today, we are here for one reason, to worship in the house of God.

Customizable Yard Signs are an economical solution if you have grassy or landscaped areas near your entrance and between church buildings.


Remember, that all these new changes to our services can bring uneasiness or uncertainty to our guests. You can help them feel welcomed or greet them with a little levity by using a Hand Sign and a cheerful welcoming committee.


With new, and often changing rules and guidelines for social distancing, it’s important to inform guests to your building what level of precaution your church is observing – from sanitizer to masks to where to enter and exit. 

Use customizable indoor banners to easily communicate simple messages and to extend your church branding or decor throughout the facility and to remind worshippers of your specific guidelines by displaying banners at doorways, entrances and areas where people tend to gather.

Place attention-getting and durable, non-slip Floor stickers in your lobby and hallways to remind people to practice social distancing, to direct traffic flow to give inspirational messages.

Your auditorium is the heart of your church, where everyone must feel safe to worship together. Invite your community back into this sacred space while posting important guidelines and safety measures, controlling flow and distancing where necessary and by giving them the security that their well-being is your greatest concern.


For an extra measure of safety, place sanitizer stations at door entrances and throughout the church to keep those praise hands clean! Stations come in wall mount and floor stand types and can dispense germ-killing sanitizer or soap.

Many churches must require congregants to wear masks or face coverings while indoors or in close proximity to others. Face coverings come in different levels of protection and comfort, from lightweight, disposable three ply masks, to reusable cloth masks, to ultra-safe KN95 masks. Offering free masks to members who have forgotten theirs or dont have one, can build a strong bond that the church truly cares for her people.


One of the most important decisions churches must make at this time is when to welcome people back. Whether you are able to open fully, open partially or to keep your congregation at home, it’s vital that you communicate the status of your church clearly and often. 

No matter your status, consistent communication can help your members continue to feel involved and part of your church community. Use direct mail postcards to invite members back into the building, to communicate expectations for in-church services, to update opening status changes to your community, to extend tithing reminders or to just stay connected with your members while they are attending from home.

Always post the status of your church where the community can clearly see that you are regathering, preparing to do so or presenting services online only. Outdoor banners are the least expensive and one of the most effective ways you can communicate directly to your community. Customize them with service times, your online service web address and your open status.

Whatever phase of reopening your church is currently experiencing, good communication is key to quelling the fears and nervousness of your members, to keep them updated and to show them you care. The goal we all have at this time is to get the church open smoothly, safely and to once again sing this new song together.



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