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What a Digital Subscription Gives Your Church


Subscription plans continue to be popular –  from television and movie subscriptions to meal kits – having easy, fast options at your fingertips makes our home lives more enjoyable. But what about in ministry? Could the new Outreach Church Kit and Video Subscription  program ($199 a year)  give you and your ministry team a boost? Let’s take a look at the highlights of this new plan:

Seasonal Church Kits

No self-respecting pastor wants to use a pre-packaged sermon series every week, but there are times when having a cohesive series planned out for you can be a big help. This is especially true during busy holiday and ministry seasons. The new Church Kit and Video subscription plan provides you with great series and event content for Advent, Easter and Back to Church Sundays. 

The majority of Church kits in the subscription include valuable downloadable resources like customizable sermons, videos, social media and web graphics, and planning guides to help you coordinate your event plans. 

Plus each season, new content is added. For example, right now you can get instant access to the brand new 2020 Stronger Together Back to Church Sunday church kit – which includes 3 videos plus a countdown, an event day sermon, 30+ graphics, a planning guide and a social media guide.

Videos - Lots of Videos

Another part of the subscription is instant access to over 30 videos – most are perfect for using on social media and showing during your services. The collection includes Welcome videos for the start of your service and Invite videos you can use to share online, along with a few other types. 

The videos range in styles from comical offerings, to Spoken Word performances, to motion graphics –  so there is something for every style of church. And again, the digital team that coordinates it all is working to add more selection. 

Maybe one of the best benefits in our current Covid-19 world, is that all the videos and graphics in the subscription can be used during your online streaming services, social media pages or website. 

The Church Kit and Video Subscription plan is also easy to use. After creating an account and subscribing for the year, you can add church kits and videos to your library and then download just specific files from the kits or the entire content straight onto your computer. The items stay in your library so you can access them anytime, and your subscription will automatically renew for easy convenience. 

Finally, for just $16 a month (paid upfront for the year), this annual subscription plan already provides enough bang for your buck with the current content selection, but knowing that the Digital team intends to continue to add more resources makes this Church Kit and Video Subscription plan an outstanding bargain.



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