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Using Pinterest For Your Church


Social media has taken on several different forms over the last decade – from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat – and each individual platform can be useful to churches in many different ways. But there’s one site you and your ministry leaders might not have thought of yet— Pinterest.

Yes, really. It’s not just for wedding dress boards anymore. Image collections on Pinterest have many great uses and can allow churches to connect, share the Gospel, find inspiration and collaborate.

Here are a couple of ideas to get your church started on Pinterest.

Develop new, fresh ideas for church events and outreach tools.

As a church you probably plan numerous events throughout the year and in some seasons, even multiple events a week! To keep things new and exciting, why not create a Pinterest board for different types of events? It’s a great way to share ideas with a planning team and often you can take inspiration from other churches on the Pinterest platform. Some of these events might include:

  • Summer Camps and VBS
  • Kid’s Ministry Events
  • Harvest Festivals
  • Sunday Services

If you need some ideas to get started, follow Outreach on Pinterest. There’s a ton of ideas there to help make your next community event a success!

Share some quotable content!

Inspire and share the words of Jesus throughout the Pinterest-verse with a “Notable & Quotable” board that offers reflections, quotes, and other visually inspiring images. This is both a great way to stay relevant with current Pinterest trends, but also a really simple way to get your community actively involved in sharing your church’s content on their own personal pages!

These “quotables” can be tied into the church’s mission, vision, or  current sermon series, since it’s so easy to update on a regular basis!

Championing stories in your community.

Church communities always have a lot going on. Did your church just complete an outreach project or volunteer day? Did the youth group return from its missions trip? Has your church developed a vibrant network of small groups? Does your church just have a lot of photos to share with the community? Good news—Pinterest is the perfect platform!

Champion the stories of what God is doing in your community by sharing photos on Pinterest via themed boards. The possibilities are endless, create as many boards as your heart desires!

Church blog

If your church is currently running a blog, Pinterest is a great place to share it! Just make sure your blog also includes a picture so it’s just as eye-popping as the rest of your content.

Pinterest can take some time to manage as a church, but it is a great tool to help spur new creativity and find ideas and inspiration. Pinterest is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for new ways to decorate your worship center and stage, to create fun children’s ministry decor or just get ideas on how to promote your church’s ministries. These are just a few of many, many ideas on how your church can get started with Pinterest. Happy pinning!



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