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The Kingdom of Heaven is (also) behind a screen…


The stats cannot be refuted…the world has gone digital.

Facebook alone has over 2.2 Billion Monthly Active Users. This is just one network of many that the world has flocked to in the past few years. Websites are viewed on mobile platforms over 60% of the time, according to recent research by Google. Online shopping has put brick and mortar stores out of business regularly over the past few years.

My friends, it is time for the Church to invade the online space with an aggressive passion and purpose like the World hasn’t seen yet. “The Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force…” – Matthew 11:12

This isn’t an option anymore. The world needs Jesus – this is a fact. The world is online – this is also fact. People who you may NEVER meet could come across your content…just by you being faithful to post an encouraging verse, graphic, video, or blog post. This is more than a post. This is ministry.

People are actually making it a habit to get online and search for answers to life’s hardest questions. Searches such as “is God real” “Why am I hurting?” “Feeling depressed” are at an all time high, and are only increasing week after week.

It is time for The Church to step up and begin sharing hope and truth on the online space in meaningful and powerful ways. Could you imagine being one of these “seekers” looking for answers, only to find a verse or encouragement that speaks directly to your heart and/or situation? How powerful that would be?!

Even better than that, imagine seeing the encouragement you needed BEFORE you started searching for it. Wouldn’t that be a lot like God…in the middle of a mess many don’t even know they are in…HOPE shows up!

So, Church…it’s our responsibility to take this task on. Let’s do this!

One practical way you can get started with invading the Online space with Jesus is by making an effort to post at least one encouraging post a day to your Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, and Instagram account (if you are on these networks!).

Outreach Social makes it easy for you to get started – and takes care of the time commitment for you. With a few clicks of a button, you can start getting automated social media graphics posted to your Facebook Page and Twitter Profile every day!

To get started, click the box below!



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