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Staff Picks: Our Favorite Tools & Designs for Churches Right Now


Planning for the new ministry year is under way in most churches. Fall is a great time to take a good look at the communication tools and signage you have around your building. Does it look out of date? Could your church use a new, fresh approach to invitations, indoor and outdoor banners and welcome tools? We have some great new designs and ideas to get you started – these are the designs and tools our staff is excited to share: 

Our Favorite Designs Right Now:


Dark Wood

“I am a fan of any of the wood designs that Outreach offers.” – Matthew, Outreach Specialist


Geometric Bold

“My favorite design is Geometric Bold because I like how there are solid colors in the design but they mix together nicely to form a beautiful design.” – Eddie, Production Supervisor

Color Burst Outdoor Banner

Color Burst

“My favorite Outreach design is Color Burst. I like it because it is simple yet complex. It is almost like it is 3D and the colors seem to be popping out at you. I think it is a fun and fresh design.” – Izabelle, Social Media Coordinator

Chevron Fall Banner

Chevron Welcome Fall

 “I love chevron designs and I love the colors in the fall design.” – Thom, Art Director


Curved Colors

My favorite Outreach design is curved colors. I think that this design has lots of colors that are cheerful and happy. – Kevin, Digital Marketing Manager


Twisted Paint

I love the new Twisted Paint design – The bright colors on the black background are really eye-catching, and the colors remind me of taffy.  – Carri, Marketing and Event Manager

Products Our Team Thinks You Should Try: 

DirectMailPostcardsDirect Mail Postcards

As a former pastor myself, I believe that postcards are a great tool for churches. They are a great way to reach your community and let them know about your church. They are also an effective tool that is worth the investment. – Jason, VP of Mobilization

We would recommend for churches the customized postcards. These are a great tool because unlike a banner that only reaches people as they drive or walk by it, these postcards are a great way to be proactive and reach people in a more targeted way. These postcards are an awesome way to invite people who would not hear about your church otherwise. – Larry and Donna, Facilities & Production

OutreachEverywhere Social AdsOutreach Everywhere

“I would recommend Outreach Everywhere to a church because of all of the success stories that we have received. It is a really effective product for churches because it combines direct mail and social ads so that churches are able to reach more people.”- Erica, Marketing Team

“I think it is a great way to bridge the generational gap because it reaches the older generation who doesn’t use social media with direct mail and it reaches the younger generation that mostly uses social media”. – Ely, Graphic Designer

HandHeldSignsHand Held Signs

“I think that hand held signs are awesome because they are easy to use and with them comes interaction with people in the church. I think people really feel welcomed when they read the message and can talk to someone in the church that makes them feel welcomed.” – Izabelle,  Social Media Coordinator

SleeveBannerSleeve Banner

“I think that churches would really benefit from sleeve banners. The stands are high quality and churches can use multiple sleeves on the same banner stand. This saves the churches money because they can buy one stand and multiple banners for every season and event.” – Eddie, Production Supervisor

“I would recommend the sleeve banners for churches. The fabric is so soft and you don’t have to worry about your banner getting wrinkled.” – Tammy, Graphic Designer


Back to Church Sunday Event KitBack to Church Sunday Church Kit

“If I had to recommend a product it would be the Back to Church Sunday kit. I think that this kit is a great tool to make your church more Outreach focused. My church used the Back to Church Sunday kit and on Back to Church Sunday my church saw more random guests on that Sunday in September than we did on Easter Sunday.” –  Matthew, Outreach Specialist

Circle InviteCardsInviteCards

“I would recommend the circle and square invite cards. I think that they are a great way to create an invite culture in the church!” – Natalie, Outreach Specialist

“If I had to recommend one product it would be the circle invite cards. I like these because they are still invite cards, but the shape makes them unique, eye-catching and stand out from traditional invite cards.” – Kevin, Digital Marketing Manager

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