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Pastor, This One Thing Can Make Christmas Less Stressful


Christmas is coming! For ministry leaders, that often means a sprint to the end of the year. 

But what if this December could be one of the smoothest and most powerful Christmases your church has ever experienced? We believe it can with a sermon series kit.

By simplifying things with a sermon series kit this December, your church leaders and their teams can decrease stress, easily create a cohesive look across all platforms, and guarantee you’ll share the Good News about the promised Messiah clearly and compellingly.

Here’s Why We Love Sermon Series Kits So Much at Christmastime:

Kits Lighten the Load on Leaders.

Did you know that 11% of pastors struggle with depression related to “feeling like they aren’t doing enough”? A study done by Duke university found that 7% of clergy members experience both anxiety and depression, most commonly resulting from job stress. 

In an occupation where the demands can be truly more than one person – or even a team of people – can manage, the right resources can help pastors do their jobs while staying emotionally well. 

That’s why our team of church leaders and designers has worked to create turnkey downloadable kits that you can easily implement with an audience of any size, so you have one less thing to juggle this season. All the sermon series kits include the key things you need:From sermons to videos to social graphics and sermon slide background graphics – the kits free up your time for other ministry! 

Kits Create a Cohesive Look.

Having a cohesive look for your Advent series creates a professional look in your services, on your social media channels, and throughout your building. It also gives your congregation something to rally around. To continue the branding, you can choose to send postcard mailers and distribute invite cards throughout the community that match the look of the sermon series kit. That way, whenever people receive a postcard or invitation and see the same look shared from your church on one of their social media feeds, they will link the two mentally and pay closer attention. 

Catching the attention of your community paves the way to bringing them in, or engaging them online, so they can hear about the promised Messiah!

Kits Ensure You’ll Share the Gospel Clearly.

Hearts are open to spiritual things this time of year in a way that is distinct from all other times of the year. Consider how comfortable people are singing about Christ in Christmas carols! Sermon series kits are designed to set your church up for evangelism opportunities. Each sermon is customizable, so the pastor can share personal illustrations in the midst of Biblical teaching. But, they are also organized so that those who hear them – online or in-person – will hear a clear presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with an opportunity to respond. If you’ve done the work to prepare and invite, let’s make sure the door is wide open for them to place their faith in Jesus!

Ready to get started? Here is a look at the new 2021 Christmas series: 

About The Promise Sermon Series Kit

This year’s kit is themed The Promise, and it is written to help grow people closer to Jesus and proclaim the Good News. We also have a number of other sermon series kits you can choose from.

The sermons in The Promise kit will lead up to Christmas by telling one story each week of four key characters in the Christmas story: Simeon, the shepherds, Zechariah, and Mary. Simeon waits in hope for a Savior. The shepherds are promised peace on earth. Zechariah experiences the joy of preparation. And, Mary is overwhelmed by God’s great love. On Christmas Eve, the message is about how Jesus fulfills God’s promises. 

Read all about The Promise kit and order yours here.

As we wrap up 2021, one of the most powerful ways you can multiply your ministry is through simplification. Our prayer is that, as you reach your community with the love of God and the Good News this Christmas, that He will supply everything you need. We are happy to come alongside you to help you simplify with a sermon series kit. 

If you have questions about any of our kits, contact our sales team today.



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