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Make This Summer The Absolute Best One for Your Church


Summer is here – school is out, the weather is warming up, and people are getting back outside! The warmer months are often people’s favorite time of year and a time where the normal day-to-day routine is changed. As restrictions are lifting and the weather is heating up, now is the perfect time to plan fun summer events in the community and invite families to church. 

 Want this to be the best summer ever for your church? Plan some fun, family-friendly events and get your regular attenders involved in reaching out to their friends and neighbors. Inviting people to church can seem intimidating but with the right events and some encouragement, your members can be your best resources. We have event ideas and all the tools that you need to start the process and create a fun time of community and connection this summer!

Summer Event Ideas

VBS/Day Camps

Vacation Bible School is always a great way to get kids involved and introduced to your church. Since kids are out of school for the summer and parents are working, parents are always looking for activities to keep their kids entertained. During a typical VBS or day camp week, kids get to have fun with their friends and learn about Jesus. If you have a history of hosting VBS, your past participants and their parents are a great resource to reaching out and inviting unchurched families to come this year. Get families excited and involved in inviting their friends – for some this is the first time that they are exposed to church. What an awesome way to welcome new kids and their families into church? It is also a great way to help your members get involved by giving them an opportunity to volunteer.

4th of July Picnic Event

The Fourth of July is always the biggest holiday of the summer and everyone loves it. Having a Fourth of July picnic at the church or a nearby park is a great way to invite your church members and the community. Free food and a fun time of games and activities is always something that people will enjoy! Play yard games, have a volleyball tournament, plan a water fight for some friendly competition, you could even rent a bouncy house! The possibilities are endless and it can be as big or small as you want it. What better way to invite people in the community who might never come to a Sunday service to experience the community that can be found at church?

Outdoor Services

We all love a little sunshine. Consider holding a Sunday service outside in the parking lot or at a nearby location. This is a fun way to change things up and provide a great way to invite people who might still be a little hesitant about coming to church for safety reasons. Holding a service outside gives people more space and opportunity to social distance which may make them feel more comfortable!

Family Activities

When we think of summer, baseball, the pool, sunshine, and yummy food might be a couple things that come to mind. Hosting family activities such as a baseball game in a local park or a pool party would be a great idea for families to have some fun in a safe and encouraging environment. Events where the family can make memories together are always a great idea and will be something that will strengthen your church and the connections that are within your church. These events could be a one time big summer event or little events that are every couple of weeks. There is no right or wrong way to plan events like these! They can be big or small and will still be a fun way for families to connect and make memories together.

With all these ideas, the next step is to get all the invitations and resources together  that your church will need to make this summer the best yet. Do not worry! Here at Outreach we have some awesome products from signage, to banners and postcards for all your summer events!

Hot Products and Tools

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We have all the signage that you need for your church. From street signs that people see as they walk and drive by, to handheld signs that your greeters can use to welcome people as they walk in. All of these signs are customizable with your church name. With thousands of designs to choose from you cannot go wrong!

Street Signs

Handheld Signs


Banners, banners, banners! With both indoor and outdoor banners, you can make an impression in all your spaces. With vinyl and sleeve banners in a variety of sizes and shapes, you can choose the style that is perfect for you. With the purchase of a stand you can buy banners for all of your events and change them out. This is a great way to steward resources and finances all year. Here are some of our most popular banners that are customizable!

Indoor Banners

Outdoor Banners


What is better than getting a personalized invitation? Who doesn’t love that? Postcards are one of the best ways to invite people to church this summer because they make people feel like they are wanted at church. With their name on it and it arriving at their house, people feel like they are seen and it is a great way to reach out to those who might not come go to church. No matter what you are planning this summer there is a postcard that you can customize and send out to those in your community. We have general postcards for summer, welcome back postcards, and special postcards for Fourth of July, VBS and fun summer events!

With all these ideas and tools, summer 2021 is set to be a time of fun, family, and faith in an environment that encourages connection and community. As we go into this summer season and churches are opening back up we are praying for you and your church that you will be able to reach your community with the love of Jesus in the places that you live, work, study and play this summer! 



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