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Make 2019 A.Maz.ing with Practical Outreach Training for Your Team


By Jason Daye
Vice President of Mobilization, Outreach, Inc & Host of The ChurchLeaders Podcast

We can all agree that Jesus has called us to step into God’s mission and reach our communities. Our missional call is clear, to make disciples and to be witnesses in our local areas and across the globe. As pastors and ministry leaders, we want to help our church live this call. God has brought the people of your church together, at this time and in this place, to make a difference for the Kingdom. So, what practical steps can we all take to embrace this call and impact our cities with the love and hope of Jesus?

We must commit to both being focused and intentional when it comes to reaching people in our communities.  When it comes to proactively developing outreach ministries of their churches, many ministry leaders are asking similar questions. And that is exactly what we need to be doing, moving forward proactively rather than attempting to toss things together re-actively. The more we pray and plan, the greater the impact we will have in our neighborhoods.

Ask The Important Questions

If you desire to develop your outreach ministries, then you will want to invest some time and energy working through the following questions:

  • How can we better communicate the biblical basis of outreach to our people?
  • What are specific ways we can assess our community to best understand the unique context God has called us to reach?
  • How to use essential tools such as social media and personal invitations to help us raise awareness of our church in our community?
  • How do we determine which outreach strategies will be most useful in our city?
  • Why are both collective and personal outreach vital to our church, and how do we do both effectively?
  • How can we develop an annual outreach calendar that is beneficial to our entire ministry and mission?
  • What is the difference between invitational and incarnational outreach?
  • How do we mobilize our people for outreach?
  • Why is it important to collaborate with other community organizations and what steps are key in making these partnerships meaningful?
  • How do we create a culture at our church where outreach is natural and consistent?

These key questions can guide you and your leadership team to develop strategies to reach more people over the next year.

Effective Community Outreach Resources

To better assist churches in engaging their communities and sharing the Gospel, I partnered with LifeWay Leadership and NewChurches.com to create an intensive and highly-practical course on Effective Community Outreach.  The essential questions above are thoroughly explored, along with many others.  I provide real-world examples of effective community outreach and even include downloadable resources you can use when meeting with your team, planning your outreach strategies, and engaging your community. 

This course is the most comprehensive project I have worked on for outreach training. The course is presented in 14 modules with over 4.5 hours of video instruction and 40 downloads and handouts, and you can get the first three modules absolutely free! Learn more about this powerful resource by visiting newchurches.com/outreach.  Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We are praying for you and your church as you take fresh steps and make new commitments for His glory!


With 20 years of pastoral leadership experience, Jason Daye is passionate about helping ministry leaders discover how God is already working in their unique ministry contexts and uncover opportunities to build bridges into their neighborhoods to extend the hope of Christ.  Jason’s lead pastor roles have provided him experience in several contexts including church plant re-launch, multi-site church, multi-ethnic urban church, and established suburban churches.  He has also served in pioneering mission work and compassionate ministry projects in several countries.

The Daye As Vice President of Mobilization, he dedicates his time to encouraging and equipping churches, denominations and ministry organizations to develop their Kingdom effectiveness as they embrace the mission of Jesus.  Jason provides oversight to key ministry initiatives at Outreach, equipping Christ-followers to share their faith and engaging churches to reach their communities. Jason also serves as the Executive Director of National Back to Church Sunday and as host of the Churchleaders podcast. 

Jason lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his beautiful wife and six children. He enjoys hiking with his family, fighting rainbow trout, summiting 14ers and swapping stories with good friends. Connect with him on Twitter or Instagram @jasondaye.

Carri Gambill

Carri Gambill

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