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Dad-tastic Celebration: 5 Fun Ideas to Bring Families to Church on Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is just around the corner, this year plan a creative family-friendly event at your church and engage with your community and congregation. Here are 5 fun ideas that are sure to create memories and draw visitors to your church…


Father’s Day is an important day for families; It’s a day to celebrate and honor the contributions of fathers and father-figures in our lives. But for years, church attendance hasn’t been high on the list of things to do on Father’s Day. But with a little creativity, you can plan a weekend that Dads and their families will engage with and enjoy! 

First, as with Mother’s Day, it’s a good idea to think about the people in your church who may not be able to have children, who have lost children or people who do not have an active Father in their lives. Don’t limit attendance/participation – make sure it’s clear that any Father Figure can be included. 

  1. Father-Child Sports Day: Organize a sports day event where fathers and their children can participate in various games and competitions. This event will not only create a bonding experience but also a chance to have fun and connect with other families.
  2. Father-Child Craft Workshop: Set up a craft workshop where fathers and their children can make something special together, such as a wooden birdhouse or a picture frame. This activity promotes teamwork and creativity while giving fathers a chance to bond with their children.
  3. Family Movie Night: Host a movie night where families can watch a family-friendly film together. You could provide popcorn, drinks, and snacks and make it a relaxed and fun evening for all. 
  4. Father’s Day Weekend Prayer Breakfast: Host a prayer breakfast where fathers can come together to pray for their families and other fathers in the community. Invite local city councilmen, school superintendents/teachers or first responders to attend too. Provide an opportunity for fathers to share their experiences and concerns and pray for one another. You could also invite a guest speaker to share about fatherhood from a biblical perspective.
  5. Father’s Day BBQ: No one wants to cook on a holiday, so recruit your youth group and a team of volunteers to grill lunch after church on Sunday. Set up tables and chairs for families to eat together and spend time making friends. 

Do you have other ideas that have worked in your church? Please share them on our social sites! 

Once you have your event planned out, don’t forget to spread the word to your whole community. Here are a few tips and tools you can put to use: 

  • Personalized Invitations

Ask your congregation to invite their neighbors to your event or church service. Provide them with small invitations they can hand out easily. 

  • Outdoor Banners and Signs

Display a large custom banner outside your church in the week leading up to Father’s Day. Make sure you include your event day and time or a website people can visit to learn more. Add some Yard Signs along your driveway to make visitors feel more welcome! 

  • Direct Mail

Send invitations to the homes around your church inviting families to come enjoy your event or services. If you are offering a free gift to Fathers, promote that on the postcard. 

  • Social Media Ads

Don’t forget the power of social media, especially to younger families. Run a social media ad that will reach the people in your community with an invitation to your Father’s Day activities! 

In conclusion, Father’s Day is a special day that brings families together. As a church leader it’s important to create an inviting and welcoming environment that encourages families to come together and celebrate this special day. By using these creative ideas, you can reach out to families and make their experience at your church a memorable one.

Carri Gambill

Carri Gambill

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