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Creative Ways to Use QR Codes for Better Engagement

Keep the lines of communication open with your congregation, and create engagement points for guests and potential guests with the use of QR Codes. Here is what you need to know about creating and using QR codes to increase church communication and engagement.


If you’re like most church ministry leaders you want to keep the lines of communication open with your congregation, and create engagement points for guests and potential guests. But sometimes creating two way communication paths that are clear and concise can be a challenge. That is where the smart and creative use of QR codes can help. Here is what you need to know about creating and using QR codes to increase church communication and engagement. 

Why QR codes are so helpful

Just to be clear, QR codes are those little squares of bit-map code that can link to any online web page. During the pandemic, these QR code squares showed up everywhere to help increase communication without increasing personal contact. Which is exactly why they are still helpful around your church. 

By simply pointing a smart phone at the square on any physical item, and then clicking the link, anyone can have instant access to a wide variety of online information from details about a special event, to videos, to surveys and sign up forms. QR codes can help declutter your printed materials while still providing readers with thorough details and/or a way to take action. 

How to make a simple QR code: 

The Google Chrome web browser offers a free QR code generator, just navigate to the webpage you want people visiting. Then right click on the page to open an option window, select “Create QR Code for this Page” and then download the results. 

There are other QR code services that provide for customization of the QR code box, adding tracking codes or providing code sizing. But for a simple option, the chrome browser code works well. 

Where and When to Use a QR Code

Armed with those details, now it’s time to take a look around your church and come up with ways that QR codes can help better communication. Here is a short list of ideas to get your started:   

  1. From Stage – You can display a QR code on screen for a variety of reasons, providing your audience with the opportunity to take action immediately from their seats. Here are a few use ideas: 
    1. Provide a link to scriptures in your sermons or your sermon outline
    2. Link to an online connection card or prayer request form
    3. During announcements, link to event pages or sign up forms
    4. Conduct an online/real time survey, asking audience members to provide feedback or submit questions.
    5. Before/After service link to a Welcome video with information about your church
  1. In The Bulletin – Use QR codes in place of lots of details or printed inserts. Instead each event, ministry or activity can have its own code so your audience can choose what they want to delve into online. Plus if there are last minute changes, you only need to update the web page instead of having printed information that is incorrect! Other uses in your bulletin include:
    1. Social Media and Website Links: Use QR codes to direct people to the church’s social media profiles and website. This enables attendees and visitors to connect with the church online, meet the staff, or access additional resources.
    2. Sermon Notes and Scripture References: Provide QR codes in the order of service that link directly to the sermon notes or relevant scripture passages. This allows attendees to quickly access and follow along with the sermon on their devices, enhancing their engagement and understanding.
    3. Online Giving: Encourage digital giving by including a QR code that directs users to the church’s online donation platform. This makes it convenient for attendees to contribute financially and supports the church’s mission and operations.
  1. Invitations & Other Printed Materials – QR codes are the perfect tool to add to any printed item like a personal invitation card or a mailed postcard. 
    1. Cut the cost of doing a letter or newsletter by mailing a postcard with a QR code link to an online newsletter. 
    2. Empower your congregation to invite their friends and neighbors by printing small invitation cards or doorhangers that feature a QR code where potential visitors can learn more about visiting your church or about a special event.

    3. Quickly capture audience information by creating a Pewcard with a QR code that links to your online bulletin or connection card.
  1. Indoor Banners, Signs &  Posters – Use QR codes on indoor posters, signs or banners to increase engagement for upcoming activities, for example: 
    1. Event Registration: When promoting events like VBS, marriage conferences, or movie nights include QR codes that lead directly to the event registration page. Attendees can easily scan the code and register for the event, eliminating the need for manual form.
    2. Volunteer Sign-Ups: Simplify the volunteer sign-up process by placing QR codes at strategic locations within the church. Scanning the code can lead individuals to an online form where they can express their interest in serving, providing a convenient way for them to get involved.
    3. Promote your small groups or Sunday school classes: Offer details about the available groups or classes that are starting and how people can join in. 
  1. Outdoor Banners & Signs – QR codes can also be put to work outside your church building to provide potential guests with information about upcoming events like these
    1. Promote Seasonal Events – like VBS, Harvest Festivals or Christmas Eve services. 
    2. Preview a Guest Speaker or Movie Night – link to a trailer or short online video so potential guests can see what is in store. 
    3. Create a special You’re Invited Video for your website and use the QR code to link to it from an outdoor banner on our building. 

When using a QR code on an outdoor banner, be sure it’s large enough that the code works from a distance. 

By leveraging QR codes, your church can streamline communication, encourage engagement, and create a more connected community. Do you have other ideas for how to use QR codes? Share them on our Facebook page. 

Carri Gambill

Carri Gambill

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