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10 Reasons To Use Church Postcards For Outreach

Thanks to the uptick in digital marketing in recent years, there’s less competition in people’s mailboxes — that means your postcard is more likely than ever to grab a recipient's attention!


Are you using church postcards as part of your outreach strategy?  Thanks to the uptick in digital marketing in recent years, there’s less competition in people’s mailboxes — that means your postcard bulletin board is more likely than ever to grab a recipient’s attention! Still need some convincing that direct mail is a highly effective form of outreach? Here are ten reasons church postcards are still a powerful, cost-effective outreach tool:

1. Broad Reach

What can you count on to be delivered to nearly everyone in the country, Monday through Saturday? Mail. It’s sometimes tough to know how many of your television spots, radio announcements, or digital ads reach your desired audience. In contrast, direct mail has nearly a 100% saturation rate. That means there are very few people who won’t receive your postcard. Mail can reach everyone in your community, so your church’s direct mail can find a way into every home.

2. Budget Friendly

Direct mail can cost much less than many other forms of advertising, but still allows you to reach large numbers of people. You can choose a specific audience, a specific area, and specific number of people to target. You have total control over your budget and can scale your mailings accordingly.

3. Attention-grabbing design

Your church postcard can capture people’s attention through great design and a customized message. Get people interested in your church with a thoughtfully designed card and targeted messaging that gives them a clear path of action. This combination can create a connection with the recipient and make them curious to find out more about your church!

4. Customizable to suit your needs

You have control of what your church postcards look like, and can choose what event your card will highlight and what your call to action will be. You can craft a message to introduce your church’s Sunday services, have a specific promotion of a fun outreach event, or sharing the times of special holiday service. Whatever message you want to convey, you can can customize your card to make it clear and easy for recipients to respond!

5. Multipurpose medium

Direct mail lets people know your church is out there, and it gives them a reason to visit. Make your church postcard do double duty by including a promotional offer with your message. Invite people to bring in their postcard in exchange for a free gift. This encourages people to visit your church while allowing you to see the impact of your postcard campaign.

6. Target a well-defined audience

Direct mail takes the guesswork out of who to contact. You can use local zip codes to target people, and your mailing provider will have other data you can use to reach a specific audience in a set location. This allows you to find people who live close to your church and encourage them to visit.

7. A competitive advantage

People encounter visual media all day long. Statistics say the average person views over 4,000 advertising messages each day. That’s a lot of information to process – and a lot of information to ignore. Direct mail is a medium with extremely limited competition. People receive an average maximum of 10-15 pieces of mail per day. Those pieces definitely won’t all be church mailers, which means your church postcard will stand out.

8. A lasting reminder

Most of today’s media messages are taken in at a glance and quickly forgotten. Remember that statistic about the average person receiving somewhere around 4,000 advertising messages per day? Imagine trying to actually remember all of those messages. Direct mail has the tendency to stick in people’s minds because your message has a physical reminder. If your card has good design and an encouraging message, it may just make it onto the family fridge or bulletin board.

9. Works well as part of a larger campaign

Direct mail is an important part of a larger integrated marketing campaign. Thoughtful, cohesive design creates a memorable theme you can use on postcards, banners, church décor, bulletins, and more! Your guests will get excited about your theme and your church will look intentional and professional.

10. Easy to track

Direct mail lets you know how many people receive your message, the cost per piece, and the areas your postcards are reaching. You can test variables like different messaging or different offers to find out which methods seem to work best for your church. As you continue to experiment with direct mail, you can hone your approach and maximize your budget.

Overall, direct mail postcards are a cost effective method to reach your community for Christ.

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