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This Is Why Your Church Needs a Mom’s Ministry

If your church doesn't have a mom's ministry, consider starting one! MOPS International makes it easy for you.


If your church doesn’t have a mom’s ministry, you might be missing out on a vital way to connect young families with your church. Most churches realize drawing in a younger demographic is necessary for church growth, but often struggle with ideas to attract and retain younger members.

Having a fantastic children’s ministry is one part of the equation, but don’t forget to minister to parents, too — especially moms. Your church has the opportunity to minister directly to mothers in your community, and you don’t have to do it alone. MOPS International is an organization dedicated to connecting families to your church with high-quality, simple women’s gatherings that welcome moms to share in life, motherhood, and Jesus.

From our friends at MOPS, here’s why starting a MOPS ministry can help your church grow:

If you’ve been longing to energize your church’s heart for evangelism while ministering to an influential but overlooked group, look no further than starting a mom’s ministry with MOPS International. Based in Denver, Colorado, MOPS is a global ministry spreading the message of Jesus in 60 countries, all through one of the least likely segments of society: moms.

So, why partner with MOPS?

1. We focus on moms.

There are around 2 billion moms in the world, and that number will only rise as moms across the globe raise the next generation. They mobilize their families (and get them to church), negotiate family peace treaties, and nourish the bodies and souls of their children. Moms have tremendous influence. When they’re better equipped and supported, their children have a greater chance of growing up emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy. Starting a MOPS group at your church means speaking the love of Jesus into the lives of women, children, and families for generations to come.

2. MOPS groups are stakeholders in their cities.

Through over 40 years of ministry, MOPS has discovered the best way to minister to a city is to be involved in the community. Too often we expect people to come to church, when what people really need is for the church to come to them. MOPS partners with churches to host groups in their places of worship, but also meets moms in places they already seek safety and encouragement: YMCAs, public schools, community centers, hospitals, and more.

MOPS encourages its partner churches to pray about where God is calling them to show up and welcome women to experience the transformative experience of joining a MOPS group. When moms flourish, their families flourish. When families flourish, communities flourish.

3. We meet people as they are, where they are.

Often, there’s an unspoken expectation about how people join the church. We expect people to show up and behave like we do, believe what we believe, and become church members who belong like we do. MOPS is shifting this paradigm through the belief that people should feel a sense of belonging first — they should be welcomed without requirements or expectations. Showing people the love of Jesus means letting people know they belong with us, well before they believe or behave like we do. Investing in quality time with moms helps us begin having authentic conversations about faith and a relationship with Jesus.

4. MOPS groups can help your church shape culture.

MOPS believes that the best way to welcome new people into your church is to model the truth that Christians can walk hand-in-hand, even if we don’t see eye-to-eye. We’re aiming to redefine how the world interprets what it means to follow Jesus by demonstrating how well we love our real life neighbors, no matter how different they may be from us.

Last year, MOPS sparked a letter writing movement that inspired 100,000 women to write an encouraging letter and leave it in a public place so a stranger could find it. The stories of people receiving encouragement at the perfect moment are astounding and speak to the fact that the Holy Spirit moves through our actions to bring the Good News of Jesus into people’s lives at just the right time.

This year, MOPS is launching a movement where MOPS groups show up in different ways to remind weary people God loves them. That might be offering a warm cup of coffee to moms dropping their kids off at daycare, bringing donuts to the train station during morning rush hour, or inviting strangers to a community dinner.

Ultimately, these are just a few ways MOPS is uniquely equipped to help you reach moms in your community. Convinced that a mom’s ministry is a worthy investment? Check out the MOPS website for more information about how your church can start a MOPS group.



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