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Going to church these days probably looks a little different than it did before the pandemic. Instead of being discouraged by these changes, it is important to see this as a time for the Church to step up to the challenge and be a light in the community. As your church reopens this fall, here are some awesome regathering tools that are perfect to welcome your members back and reassure them they are entering into a clean and safe environment.

Welcome Back/ReGathering Signage

Handheld Signs

There is nothing like a warm welcome. There is no better way to welcome people back to your church, and say socially distant than handheld signs! With messaging like “we really missed you, “our doors are open” and “love one another form 6 ft apart” there are so many options to choose from!

Outdoor Banners

We have so many outdoor banner options to choose from but the 3′ x 8′ banner is one of our most popular sizes! Our banners are printed on 13 oz reinforced vinyl that is ideal for outdoor use, providing a perfect balance of lightweight portability with outdoor durability. The outdoor vinyl is reinforced with special webbing to provide extra strength so it can withstand the elements. You can even customize your text online – no designer needed!

Street Signs

Our sandwich board signs are popular for both indoor and outdoor use. Once you buy the white plastic stand, the printed signs can be switched out for long term use. Each sign is a 2′ x 3′ design printed on sturdy coroplast. Simply slide the design into the white sandwich board stand and the plastic tabs hold it in place. Designs are so easy to switch out! Now you can direct cars in your parking lot, welcome visitors, advertise for upcoming events, or anything else you may need!

Floor Stickers

Add some style to your church floors with new decal-style floor stickers. Floor Stickers are a great way to greet & inspire guests, inform people about social distancing policies, and direct people around your church. Available in 2 sizes, they are perfect for any space in your church. Our floor stickers are water-resistant, easy to apply, scratch and slip-resistant, and easily removable. Get yours today! You won’t regret it!

Indoor Banners

Indoor banners are a great addition to any church! The 2′ x 6′ vinyl banner is one of the most versatile banners. This banner can be displayed on a stand or without – and can work in virtually any space in your building. The 15 oz Non-Curl Vinyl provides for vivid colors and eye-catching graphics whether up close or far away. These are perfect for welcoming people, communicating safety guidelines, and directing people! We have so many designs so you can find the one that is right for your church! They can also be customized.

Safety Products

Sanitizer Stations

Sanitizing Stations are perfect for lobbies, sanctuaries, classrooms and hallways. With both models that you liquid and gel, it is easy to refillable so you can use it time and time again! 

Don’t forget the sanitizer – keep a case or two on hand to make sure you never run out!

Pureox™ Disinfectant System

Disinfecting made easy and fast! This fogger is perfect for cleaning your church in an easy and effective way. Purerox™ is rated as a Category IV disinfectant by the EPA (safest rating) and has no harmful fumes or harsh chemicals, so it can be safely sprayed throughout a building with no PPE and can even be applied with people in the same room. Purerox™ also won’t leave a toxic residue after application.

Crowd-Control Stanchions

Having a hard time directing people? We’ve got you covered! Direct and control people entering and exiting your building with strong steel posts and retractable belts. 

Each $59 portable stanchion is sold separately and includes a 6.5′ strap to form lines to block off an area.

Complete Communion Cups

Communion is an essential part of church but it is also essential to be safe. Pre-Made communion cups are a perfect way to do communion in a safe way. The cups are factory-sealed and include juice and wafer in one convenient set. Designed to perfectly fit into communion trays or simply pass in baskets to your congregation as you celebrate the Lord’s Supper. They are available in boxes of either 100, 250, or 500.

Izabelle Gurley is a Senior at Grand Canyon University (Lopes Up!) in Phoenix, AZ studying communications with minors in marketing and graphic design. She has been interning in the marketing department at Outreach for the past year and absolutely loves it. She has a passion for marketing and all things social media, but still finds time to get outside and enjoy the beauty of Colorado and Arizona!

Carri Gambill

Carri Gambill

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