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5 of the Best Church Online Giving Platforms

A roundup of five online giving platforms to offer your church members a convenient and consistent way to give.


In our increasingly digital age, church online tithing platforms have become a popular option for churches looking to connect with members who no longer carry cash or checks to church. If you want to maintain consistent levels of tithing at your church, don’t let the offering plate pass them by without presenting an alternative way to give.

Online giving platforms offer your church members a convenient way to give, and also encourage consistent giving each week. Churchgoers have the freedom to decide how much they want to donate and how frequently, and even have the choice to automate their giving by setting up recurring gifts. From debit, to credit, to automatic bank withdrawals, church online giving platforms make tithes and offerings easy for everyone.

There are some great giving platforms to choose from that can be tweaked to fit your church’s specific needs. But with all the options out there, how do you know which one is right for your church?

We’ve rounded up our five favorite platforms to help you provide your congregation with the option to give online:

1. Tithe.ly

Platform: Mobile, online giving integrations, kiosk giving, admin gift entry, and text to give (additional fee)

Price: Free ($19 per month for Text to Give)

Transaction Fee: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

Why we like Tithe.ly

Easy to set up and manage. Tithe.ly is free to set up and easy for admins to manage. They have great customer service and are available to answer questions through online chat or over the phone.

Convenient for donors. Give through the app or through a website integration that doesn’t require users to leave your church website. Tithe.ly accepts ACH bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and manual entry.

Recurring gifts and payments. Donors have the option to set up recurring gifts, which helps them establish consistent giving habits.

“Cover the fee” option. Donors can select if they want the option to cover the transaction fees as an extra way to support your church.

2. EasyTithe

Platform: Mobile, Facebook App integration, text to give, and kiosk (additional fees)

Price: Tiered pricing ranging from $0 to $49 per month

Transaction Fee: Varies depending on pricing tier. Free option is 3% + $0.39 per transaction

Why we like EasyTithe

Free option. If your church is looking for something simple, the free option gives you the functionality of mobile and online giving. Plus, there’s no startup fee.

Free app for churches. Churches can get the MinistryOne church app which provides access to not only giving but, sermons, video, event registration and streaming video

Convenient and easy to use. Donors can set up automatic recurring donations and pay with credit, debit, and ACH.

“Cover the fees” option. Donors can choose to have transaction fees automatically added to their donation.

Online store. Paid versions of EasyTithe offer a free online store interface that makes it easy for your church to sell items online.

Customer Success Team – Helps churches launch online and mobile giving with videos and 1:1 coaching.

3. Givelify

Platform: Mobile, online giving integrations, kiosk giving, admin gift entry

Price: Free

Transaction fee: 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction

Why we like Givelify

Convenient church app. Easy to set up and add your church’s branding, plus donors can give through the app in less than three steps.

Great for big or small churches. The simplicity of giving through an app on your smartphone makes this a great option no matter the size of your church.

Free to setup and download. Givelify has no setup fee or monthly charge, plus it’s free for donors to download the app.

4. PayPal

Platform: online giving integrations (website and email)

Price: Free

Transaction fee: 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction (for qualifying non-profits)

Why we like PayPal

Easy to set up Donate button. PayPal has a simple button users can add to any page on a website or embed in an email.

PayPal.Me. Create a customized landing page with a link unique to your church for your PayPal Donors to visits.

Recurring payments. Donors can choose to give through automatic monthly payments by clicking a simple checkbox.

5. Pushpay

Platform: Mobile, online, text, kiosk giving

Price: Tiered

Transaction fee: varies by card type, ranging from 2.5% – 3% per transaction

Why we like Pushpay

Drives participation. Pushpay built their platform to nurture non-givers through a journey toward becoming recurring and fully engaged mobile givers.

Top-notch support and security. With a large team devoted to coaching customers through a 60-day launch strategy, plus ongoing support, Pushpay equips you for success. Regular updates to the platform that prioritize high-level security keep your information safe.

More than just giving. With the advanced and complete tiers of Pushpay, your church can customize the app for use beyond giving: connection cards, sermon notes, and bible reading plans are a few extra options.

Ultimately, choosing the right church online giving platform depends on the needs of your church. While each platform offers something a little different, all will help you provide your congregation with a way to give that suits their lifestyle. As you research giving options, don’t be afraid to contact these companies to ask questions and schedule demos. Find the platform that works for your church and watch your online giving numbers grow!

6. BONUS: SecureGive

The first and only digital giving platform created by a pastor for pastors. SecureGive can help your church with online giving,  mobile giving, in-church giving Kiosks and text to give and check scanning for deposit options. One platform, five ways to give.

Platform: Mobile, online, text, kiosk giving, check scanning

Price: Tiered Monthly

Transaction fee: 1.75% for debit and 2.5% for credit, plus $0.30

Why we like SecureGive

SecureGive has a 15-year track record of helping churches grow their giving to further their missions. With cutting edge technology, expert implementation and biblical stewardship strategy, you’re resourced to grow giving in a sustainable way. The five-platform digital giving ecosystem is built to make giving easy for anyone at any time, driving engagement to the next level. Every church can create a custom plan to implement the tools that will serve their specific needs, including online, mobile, text to give, giving kiosks, and check scanning with automatic bank deposit. These five platforms are managed from a single place making reporting easy and saving administrative hours. From a pricing standpoint, SecureGive stands out by providing tremendous value. Tiered monthly plans paired with industryleading transaction rates (1.75% for debit and 2.5% for credit, plus $0.30) keep costs low, which means more money goes directly to ministry. Secure Give provides unique giving kiosks that drive rates even lower: 1.5% for debit and 2.0% for credit. SecureGive has built their platform with an emphasis on enterprisegrade security and infrastructure: donor information is safe, proving (as their website says) “confidence your church can always give with a 99.999% up time.” SecureGive provides a one-stop, full-scale digital giving solution, world class client support, and in-depth resources and coaching to ensure your church’s giving is easy and growing.

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