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A No-Stress Fall Sermon Plan

Have you ever noticed that the lazy days of summer somehow turn to the crazy days of fall, which then morphs into the hustle and bustle of Christmas, with time seemingly just speeding up? Wouldn’t it be great to have a plan in place NOW for your Sunday services through the rest of the year? It’s not an impossible dream, you just need the right resources.


Now let’s get one thing straight, preaching and teaching is one of the most important aspects of being a pastor and following God’s guidance is critical to planning your sermon calendar for the year. But there are times when there aren’t enough hours in the week to meet and counsel with people on a more personal level, sit by families at the hospital, spend time with your family, or study and learn to be a better leader. That is where this plan can help, plus it will help your staff too, giving them prepared resources ahead of time so they have more margin in their schedules too! 

So here is your Fall/Winter Service Schedule. The best part, each of the digital church kit themes listed below are more than just a sermon, they each have coordinated videos, slide templates and graphics for your social media pages- all ready to download now!  Best of all if you are a Church Kit Subscriber, you can download all these series FREE

October & November

There are 8 weeks in October and November prior to the start of Advent. Which gives you options in your preaching calendar. Here are some ideas: 

  • Choose two 4-week series and preach them back to back. Here are a few ideas: 
  1. Faith Explored –  In this four-week series, take your church community through stories from the Bible where God’s people had to step out in faith and trust God to guide and take care of them. 
  2. Street Smarts– Bring the wisdom of Proverbs to your church and community through this four week series that gives practical lessons for having Godly street smarts.
  3. Kingdom Treasure– Walk your church through four of Jesus’ parables that will help unlock the treasures of God’s Kingdom in our own lives. 
  4. Abide in Me – Based on John 15, this series explores how we can live a more full and Godly life when we abide in Jesus.
  • Choose a longer 6-week series, then follow up with a two-part series and invite-able event.
  1. Not So Secret Sauce – Help your congregation live a fuller and more meaningful life with this six-week scripture-based recipe. 
  2. Friend Sunday– This two-week series is designed to first challenge your congregation to boldly invite their neighbors to church and then during week 2 to introduce visitors to Jesus who is our savior and friend.
  • Pair your own content with a couple one-day sermon kits like these:
  1. Rolling Up Our Sleeves – Fall is a great time of year for putting our faith in action and this one-day kit will help your members catch the spirit of servant evangelism. 
  2. Grateful – This one day sermon kit will inspire your attenders to have an attitude of gratitude.

Late November & December 

Advent begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving and even if you don’t adhere to a traditional Advent calendar and traditions, teaching on the themes of Hope, Joy, Peace and Love leading up to Christmas Eve, can help your church and community set their eyes on Jesus and not the material things so prevalent during the holidays. 

Choose one of these 5 -sermon kits that include Christmas Eve and you will be set to have more time to enjoy the season! 

  1. ReDiscover Christmas – Share how Jesus birth is good news in troubling times
  2. The Promise – This Christmas, share the stories of four people in the Bible who were the first to see the promise of a savior fulfilled! 
  3. The Heart of Christmas – coming soon for 2022! 

New Years

Make a plan that covers the first few weeks of the new year, so that you can make invitations to a follow up series part of your Christmas Eve service in an effort to keep visitors coming back!

  1. Renewed – This 4-week sermon series helps people experience new, fresh things God wants to do in our lives.
  2. Fact or Friction – Help your members and guests find God’s guidance and be overcomers through stress and struggles during this four week series.
Carri Gambill

Carri Gambill

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