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8 Reasons to Lead Your Church Through the “I Still Believe” FREE Sermon Kit


Use this free “I Still Believe” sermon kit to be ready for one of the biggest movie debuts of 2020. On March 13 the movie “I Still Believe,” the real-life story of chart-topping singer Jeremy Camp is coming to theaters. The film, made by the creators of the movie “I Can Only Imagine,” is a powerful reminder that in the midst of life’s storms, true hope is only found in Christ.

Movies like “I Still Believe” can be a great way to connect with your congregation and reach new people in your community, which is why we here at Outreach are excited to tell you about a 2-week sermon kit that’s just been released that could be perfect for you and your church.

Here are 8 reasons you should check out the “I Still Believe” free sermon kit.

1. Use This Free Sermon Kit to Guide Your Church Into Challenging, Powerful Topics

The “I Still Believe” two-week sermon series dives deep into the waters of “what do I do when God seemingly isn’t answering my prayers?” Week 1 covers three practical ways to live in the waiting, while week 2 discusses the power of faith in the middle of the unknown.

These are topics everyone in your church congregation has or is dealing with, and the “I Still Believe” sermon kit is a great springboard for calling your church community into a deeper, more rooted faith in God’s goodness.

2. Get Ahead on Sermon Prep

One of the hardest realities of being a pastor is that the next Sunday is always coming! If you’re one of the many pastors who wants to get ahead in your sermon prep, this two-week sermon kit is your chance. Use the kit’s pre-written sermons as a launching point for your own prep. You can rework them into your own voice and church’s style, while at the same time saving countless hours of background work. This frees you up to tackle that project that’s been sitting on your desk for too long, or to get a few weeks ahead on your sermons following the “I Still Believe” series (Easter is coming soon…).

3. Create an Evangelistic Event

There are people in your community who aren’t ready to attend a church service, but they will accept an invitation to a movie. Buy tickets to watch “I Still Believe” as a church, and use the 2-week sermon series kit as a momentum-builder in your church congregation. Tell your members that the movie will be discussing the topics you’re preaching on, and remind them that their friends, coworkers, family members, and neighbors are struggling with the same issue—finding hope in the middle of pain—that they are.

As God works in your peoples’ lives, invite them to invite others to come see the movie with them, and to have conversations afterward – there are invitation tools coming soon. What a great chance to reach people with the good news of Jesus!

4. Use Professional Graphics, Slides and Videos

The “I Still Believe” sermon kit makes promoting your series easy with a packet of graphics that are ready made to post on social media and your website. They also provide sermon series bumper videos and in-message slides. This is a great resource for churches of all sizes, but especially for pastors who have to do all of these things themselves. The “I Still Believe” sermon series makes it easy for you to amp your promotion and in-service images, while giving you more time to do what God’s called you to do best: lead your church!

5. Connect Your Youth Ministry With Your Church

The “I Still Believe” sermon kit also has a one-week youth specific sermon. You can build momentum toward telling unreached youth about the message of Jesus, while also including your students in what God is doing in the church.

6. Have a Movie-Watching, All-Church Event

Most people are starved for connection, but struggle to make time for it. Use the “I Still Believe” sermon series as an opportunity to buy group tickets to the film and go as a church! This is a great chance to meet new people in your congregation, for them to spend time with each other, and to build a sense of togetherness!

Invite your youth ministry to come too and for the students to all sit together. This is a great moment of connection for all ages!

7. Team Up With Local Churches to Reach Your Community

You can also expand your reach and impact your city by teaming up with other churches to go through the sermon series and attend the movie together. This is a great way to remind your people that they are part of the bigger kingdom of God that extends outside your church walls, and it’s a powerful expression of unity to the community around you.

8. It's FREE!

On top of all the other reasons, this sermon series kit is completely free, making this a spiritually powerful and financially responsible option for your church. The “I Still Believe” campaign can be much more than just a sermon series—it can be the beginning of a spiritual transformation in your community that ushers in the advancement of God’s Kingdom in the hearts of those who are currently far from God.

We are joining you in praying that God will use the events surrounding this campaign in a deep and powerful way.



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