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5 Tips and Tricks to Reach More People with Your Facebook Page


I recently had the opportunity to do a webinar with Pastor Jason Daye where we discussed Facebook page tips and tricks to take your digital ministry to the next level. In the Webinar, Jason and I gave a brief how-to in setting up a Facebook page, gave the tips and tricks, and answered some questions at the end.

It was such a well-received webinar that I wanted to take some time to type out some of the thoughts discussed there and share them with you!

Tip # 1 : Post a video once a week.

Facebook ‘rewards’ video posts more than any other type of content. They LOVE IT when you upload your videos and share them with your friends and family. The same is true when businesses, organizations, and churches share videos on their Pages. Be sure to upload a video once a week of a recap of service, go ‘live’ during worship, or have a standing weekly ‘coffee talk’ where you go ‘live’ and give some encouragement to your congregation for the week!

Tip # 2 : Post Daily.

Posting every day is one of the best ways to increase your reach and impact more people with your Facebook page. Facebook sees when people interact with your content and then ‘rewards’ future posts – as they assume it is valuable information that the Facebook Community (in general) likes to see. Regular content gives more opportunity for people to interact and more opportunity for engagement to increase. Win win!

Tip #3 : Diversify your Content.

Blogs, pictures, videos, memes, verses of the day…all of these are awesome things to share to a church Facebook Page. There are TONS of awesome Christian blogs that you can take a look at (FaithIt, Christianity Today, The Gospel Coalition, For Every Mom) just to name a few. Make sure you have a wide-spread of content you are posting. Read a Bible verse you enjoyed on the Bible App? Make a quick graphic on the app and share it! BOOM! Read a great blog about the true meaning of Christmas? Share that out! Don’t be scared to post…even posting up to 3 times a day if you really get deep in some good blogs and verses!

Tip #4 : Use Canva to design.

Canva is a free site that makes it easy to design social media content. They even hook you up with TONS of pre-made templates that look great. It is all browser based, so you don’t have to install software.

Tip #5 : Make moving graphics with LegendApp

This is a phone-based app that allows you to make short moving-text graphics quickly. Simply open the app, type the quote you want displayed, choose a background if you don’t want a solid color, and voilá! Have 25+ options of moving graphics that you can then share on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. These moving graphics are actually treated like a short video on Facebook…and tend to behave quite well!

All of this is a lot to keep up with, and if you don’t have a couple hours a day to do ALL OF IT, we want to help! With Outreach Social you can have regular, daily content posted to your Facebook Page and Twitter Profile automatically. For a little more than $0.50 a day, you can have high quality and high impact content posting to your social media pages. This takes the research, design and posting work off your hands, saving you hours each week – click here to get started and get 14 days free


John Wylie is a Social Media influencer and self-titled “Online E-Vangelist”. He is the Outreach Social Product Manager here at Outreach and loves to resource The Church to be more effective online.




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