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Ready for a Big Event? Follow These 5 Steps!

Fall is just around the corner and if you’re like most churches, you are probably planning lots of activities for this busy season: Back to Church, harvest festivals, trunk or treat and more. But besides planning the event, have you prepared your people and building? Follow these 5 tips today....


Whether you are launching a church, welcoming people back, or are just hosting a fun event, here is your ultimate guide on how to get ready for a big event at your church and make sure that everyone feels welcome. 

1 – Pray

Prayer is the number one thing that you should be doing as you are inviting people to your church this fall. James 5:16b says, “The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” Prayer is essential for preparing your heart, your team and the hearts of the people you will meet. .Create a prayer team and pray together before, during, and after your event! Ask God to use you and your team to reach people with His love and then watch as He does this.

2 – Create a Great First Impression

The first thing people see when they drive by is the outside of your church so you want to make sure you have signs and informational banners. Custom Outdoor Banners are a perfect way to communicate details about your events and services and to spruce up the outside of your church. 

3 – Greet Well

When families decide to come give your church a try, they will probably be feeling excited, nervous, skeptical or all the above. The best way to make them feel at home is by creating an atmosphere where they feel welcomed and loved- and this starts in your parking lot! Make sure there is plenty of parking close to your building or set aside spots for visitors and use signs and banners to identify them. Street Signs and Flag Banners are a great way to do this without having a huge parking team. 

Then as people walk towards your buildings, station greeters and volunteers in the parking lot and at the entrance of the building with eye-catching Handheld Signs! This is a fun tool that will lighten the atmosphere and help people feel more like expected guests than unwanted visitors.

4 – Spruce Up the Inside Spaces  

Guests to your church will feel more comfortable and welcome if your building is clean and looks attractive. Updating the inside of your building doesn’t have to be expensive, yet it will reap a big benefit if you spend a little time and money on your inside space.

New Rigid Wall Art boards are going to be an inexpensive way to turn a drab wall into an inspiring space! These eye-catching art boards are printed with beautiful images, sayings and scriptures, that can be hung up easily with removable adhesive strips. There are sizes and sets for any area – like hallways, classrooms, the lobby and offices. 

Indoor Banners are another great, affordable tool that can help you welcome and direct visitors around your building. Indoor banners come in a variety of sizes and materials so they fit right in with any decor or in any space.

5 – Keep Safety First

One of the most important things your church can do to attract and connect with families is to provide a safe place for everyone. Make sure you are clearly communicating the safety measures you take to make sure children are safe in your classrooms and the measures you are taking to reduce the risks of spreading viruses. 

We encourage you to continue to use Purerox disinfectant and misting sprayers in every room before and after each service. This non-toxic, EPA approved spray kills 99% of viruses in less than 1 minutes without any safety equipment! 

Another great resource are the all-in-one Simply Communion Cups – they have a quiet, easy-open seal and real Concord grape juice! And you can offer both regular and gluten free options!  


This fall is an exciting time of outreach for your church. With so many events going on, your church should be prepared to welcome both new and old visitors alike into a space where they feel welcomed and safe! We hope that all these tips and products will help to equip your church to have events that reach your community with the love of Jesus!

Carri Gambill

Carri Gambill

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