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Using Movies for Outreach

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 4 years ago 0

Guest Blog Post from Jennifer Des Roisers – Outreach Films

I don’t know about you but I love getting lost in a good movie. Be it action/adventure, comedy or romance, there’s something to be said about that moment; when you realize that you were so completely enveloped by a storyline that all of your current thoughts and/or troubles were gone.

Some movies end and leave you wanting more; others make you sad when you have to come back to reality. But if you’re lucky, at least once in your life you’ll experience a film so powerful that it changes the way you look at life and who you are.

For a movie to live up to these high standards it needs to address some of the hard hitting subjects. Think about a movie that has stirred your emotions, maybe even brought tears to your eyes. What was the subject? Why did it evoke such emotions? Granted for some of us, most Disney movies have made us cry but I’m talking about deep feelings brought into the light via a motion picture.

Most of the time, Hollywood won’t touch these issues with a ten-foot pole. A perfect example is a movie that we’re promoting called “October Baby.” October Baby is a well written story with great acting and a profound message. It’s a coming of age movie that shows a girl dealing with the fact that she was adopted. Not only was she adopted, she finds out that she was the survivor of a failed abortion. And even though the story is about coming to terms with who she is and why her mother didn’t want her; all Hollywood sees is the taboo subject of abortion.

Why is it ok to promote and back movies full of violence, hatred, blood, gore and sex; and yet a movie dealing with an issue that effects over 42 million women a year gets passed by? How can a production company say that abortion is too risky to showcase but give the go-ahead for a movie with violence and rape? Yeah, that makes TOTAL sense to me too. I’d like to challenge the big production companies to be the first one to step up to the plate. Take a stand, do what is right. Stand up for God and back His movies. When someone has enough courage to challenge the Hollywood “norm,” great things will happen and miracles will take place.

I truly believe that movies can be more than just entertainment and at Outreach Films we strive to bring these life-changing messages to the big screen.

Much Love and God Bless!

Jennifer Kay

Outreach Films“More than Just Entertainment”

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