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Update: Back to Church Sunday 2011

Posted by Scott Evans 5 years ago 0

An update and some feedback on this years National Back To Church Sunday from Scott Evans, CEO of Outreach.

By all measures it was a huge success and I am humbled that God allowed Outreach to play a part. 7600 churches participated from 34 denominations and together made millions of invitations to church. From the preliminary survey responses, the average church saw 33 new visitors on Sunday. This means 250,000 people in America came back to church this last weekend! Hopefully these people not only found friendship, but also experienced the love of God in a powerful way.

Here are some of the Back to Church Sunday Facebook posts:

Marvin T: “The church had several visitors and they really enjoy the service. In Fact Visitors who had been visiting brought visitors.”

Tom B: “We had 50% more than average this morning!”

Mike D: “We grew by 100%, that is we doubled our regular attendance. Praise His Name!”

Chris M: “BROADMAN BAPTIST CHURCH had a full house. Awesome stuff. We had several baptisms, took the Lord’s Supper together…has some awesome worship music…everything flowed. Then at time of response several responded…one came forward for prayer who had cancer…very moving service…God was in the House!!!!!!”

Scott P: “What a great time of worship! Our normal attendance aver is 67 at Life in Christ Fellowship located in West Jefferson, Ohio. Today we nearly doubled the average attendance. Best of all 3 people (known of) made a decision to follow Christ! It was a great joy to see the congregation I pastor draw together with a common goal and purpose to impact so many people with the passion of Christ! We are not waiting till next year to do it again, we are making plans for a quarterly outreach with the style of Back to Church. Now the follow-up begins as we kick in the plans made to do so.”

I hope you are as encouraged as I am. One person on our team told me that they felt like Back To Church Sunday is the most significant project they have been a part of at Outreach. We have been blessed to be a part of some big movements of God, but Back to Church Sunday is at the top of the list for me also. The cool thing is that it seems to be growing bigger each year.

We have already launched the new design at backtochurch.com for next year and are looking forward to seeing what God will do.

Wouldn’t it be great if one day every person in America received a personal invitation to attend a church on Back to Church Sunday?

Scott Evans is an entrepreneur and marketing strategist who is passionate about equipping churches and Christians to share God’s love. In 1992, Scott helped start New Song Church in Oceanside, California and then when other churches started asking for outreach marketing help, launched Outreach. Inc. in 1996. Outreach has 130 employees in Vista, California and provides outreach training and resources to over 70,000 churches around the world. These resources include church invitations, banners, books, campaigns, speakers and films. Scott is also the founder of Outreach Magazine, the National Outreach Convention and runs SermonCentral.com which is the largest pastor website in the world with 6 million users.

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