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Top 10 iPad Apps

Posted by Chad Cannon 6 years ago 2

In my previous post, I Drank the iPad Kool-Aid, I shared with you my initial thoughts after having the iPad for two weeks. In this post, I’ve listed my top 10 favorite iPad apps after having it for a little over a month now.

  1. MLB.com At Bat 2010 ($14.99) :: As an avid baseball fan, this app allows me to stay up on games live, either via video or listening to the game on the radio. You can choose to listen to either team’s radio broadcast, which is amazing. To access live Video, you need to subscribe to MLB.tv. You can access video highlights within minutes of it actually happening without the subscription.
  2. Osfoora HD ($2.99) :: This is by far the best Twitter app on the iPad. I’ve also used Tweetdeck and Twitterrific, but neither one compares to this. It’s super fast, allows you to manage multiple accounts, ease of sharing, and all the utilities offered makes this app a slam dunk for Twitter users as the only app you need on the iPad.
  3. Newsrack ($4.99) :: Newsrack has revolutionzed the way I read blogs. The interface is extremely slick and sync with your RSS reader (Google Reader, Newsgator, etc). I’m able to read through 400-500 blogs on Church Leadership, Outreach, Marketing, Technology,
  4. Things ($19.99) :: By far, the best task management app for the iPad and iPhone. The only downside is that it only syncs to multiple devices when all are on the same wireless network, versus syncing via an account name or over the air. This is a big complaint across the board, but according to their development page, this is their number 1 priority to update the app with, so once that’s done, I won’t have any complaints with this app.
  5. Evernote (free) :: I use Evernote for taking notes during meetings, brainstorming, to do lists. Anything that I would normally write in my Moleskine notebook, I use Evernote for. It syncs automatically across all devices because it uses a user name and password. I use it very similarly to Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson, as he describes in a recent blog post about how he does meeting notes.
  6. Dropbox (free) :: Dropbox is the easiest way to sync and share your files online and across computers. As I’m on the road quite a bit, this is my landing place for important documents and presentations that I can access anywhere and on any device.
  7. Square (free) :: This app has the potential to change the way businesses and individuals are able to accept credit cards. It removes the need to have an authorize.net gateway to accept credit card payments. You can link it straight to your bank account. They ship you an actual card reader that plugs into your audio output and are able to swipe cards cheaper and faster than anything else out there that’s currently being offered. This has revolutionized the way we’re able to take payments at events for speakers I represent like Michael Franzese, Lee Strobel, Sean McDowell, and others.
  8. YouVersion Bible (free) :: This Bible app was created by the amazingly talented folks at Lifechurch.tv. With this app, you can have the Bible in the palm of your hand, featuring 41 translations and 22 languages. They have even have some amazing live options for your whole church to engage with during your weekend services or special. You should definitely check it out!
  9. Gilt (free) :: For those that don’t know, I’m an avid shopper, especially for cool things at great prices. This app, along with  Rue La La, have updated Sample Sales of great brands like Seven for all Mankind, PF Flyers, Calvin Klein, Adidas, Diesel, and many others. You have to have an invite for these, so if you want one, comment below with your email, and I’ll send one your way.
  10. Pandora (free) :: Everyone’s favorite music streaming site has an app and it’s terrific. The iPhone app is cool, but the iPad app takes it to a whole ‘nutha level! You type in a band you  like and it creates a radio station of songs that are similar to what you put in. For example, if you type in “Hillsong”, it will first play a Hillsong song, and then come up with songs from Matt Redman, David Crowder, and other worship songs. Check it out!
  11. Amazon Kindle (free) :: I know the subject of this blog says “Top 10″, but I couldn’t leave out anyone of these apps. They’re all important to my daily use of the iPad, including the Amazon Kindle app. I prefer this over the iBooks app. It allows you not only to highlight, but take notes in the app while you read. The new iBooks app allows for it now, but Kindle has had it from the beginning on the iPad.

What are your favorite iPad apps? How do you see the iPad changing the way you and your church consume media? I look forward to the discussion.

Vice President of Sales & General Manager of Outreach Events. I love helping the church reach their community through engaging and life-changing events. I enjoy bringing the best out of people and challenging them to use their gifts for something greater than they can imagine.

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  1. mstljosh
    mstljosh 6 years ago | Permalink

    Heard a lot about Rue La La…can you send me an invite, so I can check it out?
    Thanks for the post.

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  2. newcomb5
    newcomb5 6 years ago | Permalink

    Thanks for your info. We have a new site helping Christians using the ipad http://www.ipadinministry.com
    Hope it can help you all.

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