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To Save A Life is Still Impacting Lives

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 5 years ago 0

Guest post from Stephanie Kozak an Outreach Films employee.

Since its theater release in January 2010, TO SAVE A LIFE has been impacting lives.

Each week over 2K new people “like” the To Save A Life Facebook page. As the page topped 413K fans on Facebook this week I rejoiced that the movie touches so many lives.  It truely is an interactive caring and passionate community.

Another amazing way we can see how To Save A Life is impacting lives is on ToSaveALifeMovie.com. Over 3,479 stories have been posted to the TO SAVE A LIFE stories page and more stories come in daily. We hear from those who are hurting and crying out for help. We read powerful life-changing stories about those who have overcome their addiction to cutting or suicidal To Save A Life Moviethoughts. Others write how after watching the movie they got a radical wake up call to reach out to the hurting, to make a difference, to live out their faith.

It’s awesome to read responses to these stories: Teens reach out to other teens, encouraging them not to give up. Young adults share experiences from their tough teen years to encourage the younger generation that what they are going through will not last forever. These responses are changing lives.

Many stories from these precious, hurting kids break my heart. I want to give them a big hug and tell them it will be OK. I understand; I experienced bullying myself from junior high into my early high school years. At the time, it felt like the end of the world. But I always knew God was by my side, walking through it with me. The TO SAVE A LIFE Stories Page helps teens realize that they are not alone; that there are people who care about them. And I now have a renewed fervency to pray for the youth of this generation.

You can watch the TO SAVE A LIFE movie trailer here.

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