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The Power of an Invitation

Posted by Ron Forseth 6 years ago 0

I once saw my neighbors walking by my house carrying a casserole dish and a few other items of a dinner at another neighbor’s house. I remember, that would be nice to join those two nice families.  The problem was, I wasn’t invited.  After all, as a grown man, it would have been very awkward to ask, “Can we come to?”  Inviting ourselves is rather awkward.  Not much later, the same neighbors who walked by invited my family to a celebration at their house.  We eagerly joined the gathering.

An invitation extends a warm welcome. It includes someone who otherwise feels shut out.  It makes a statement that someone matters.  Sure, not all invitations are accepted.  But even one isn’t accepted, at least it expresses to someone that you cared enough to include them.

 “Now go out to the street corners and invite everyone you see.” Jesus  (Matthew 22:3; NLT)

I was born in Denver, Colorado where I learned to love swimming, baseball, basketball, soccer, and track. I graduated from Denver Christian High School and Colorado State where I completed a B.S. in political science and a M.A. in English. I married Carol Avery and together we journeyed to China and Mongolia for eight years. We have two amazing children. I served as VP for Through the Bible Publishers and since 2001 I have worked for Outreach, Inc. Currently, I am the VP of Business Development and manage the Web Properties and Media Group. I love kids, people, writing, long treks, and relating across cultures. My most prized possession is my relationship with Jesus Christ and I am greatly humbled and thankful that he actually lives in me. “Christ lives in me.” (Galatians 2:20)

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