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Tell Us YOUR Story of Impact

Posted by Lindy Lowry 6 years ago 0

Think back to that “really great thing we did” and tell us about it.

A couple of months ago in preparation for our annual Smaller Church Spotlight (the upcoming July/August issue), Outreach magazine sent a mass e-mail inviting leaders of smaller churches to tell us about the creative ideas that have helped them connect with their community. To be honest, in today’s technology-driven world overflowing with numerous forms of communication, I expected only a handful of responses and was already working on my second plan of attack to generate more. But within an hour of our e-mail drop, the first response popped up, followed shortly by another, and another.

For the next three weeks, responses poured in from churches throughout the country, and not just a few sentences. Almost all of these leaders went on to tell story after story of how these ideas had made a difference in their churches and/or the lives of people they had touched. (We’ll be sharing those ideas and stories in the July/August issue.)

Clearly, churches have stories to tell–and they want to tell their stories.

Our editorial team believes in the power of story to inspire and challenge, so much so that we created a “News and Stories” section on our new Web site to tell others about how churches of all sizes are practicing outreach in their various contexts. A few of my current favorites:

Do you have a story of impact to tell? Visit Outreachmagazine.com for your free site registration and share your story with others at our Web site or drop us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing about and telling others how your church is making a difference for the kingdom.

As editor of the award-winning publication, Outreach magazine, I get to to pursue two great passions: interviewing leaders and the local church’s impact on our world. With 20 years of experience on national publications, I've learned I'm more of an editor than a writer and that storytelling is still our most effective form of communication to date.

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