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Stories from the Trenches

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To encourage churches to reach out to their communities, we regularly post stories of churches engaged in successful outreach efforts. These stories come straight from our Outreach Solutions Consultants, who daily help churches reach more people for Christ. 

Welcome One

Rob Carona, Outreach Solutions Consultant: Horizons Church, West Virginia recently started the Welcome One program.  Here is a great story from this outreach effort:

“Last week during our executive team meeting we were interrupted by our receptionist.  It seems a woman came into the church looking for Pastor Steve, one of our speaking pastors.  She had received Welcome One postcard and went online to our website.  While she was there she watched one of our online sermons by Pastor Steve.  She is going through a divorce, and feeling pretty bad about her life.  She recently moved out on her own with her children, so that is why she got the postcard.  She was brought up a Christian, but had walked away from God a while back.  The receptionist talked with her for a bit, and the woman broke down crying.  At this point the receptionist thought it best to get some pastoral guidance and interrupted our meeting.  What a great God moment!  Pastor Steve was able to minister to the woman and encourage her to attend one of our weekend services.  So the good news is that this really works!”

Faith in Action

Alison Kennedy, Marketing: A church from Idaho recently wrote us about their Faith in Action campaign. This church of 75 people is located in a small town of 653. They have such a passion to be the hands and feet of Jesus! Here is what they did for their community:

“We donated yard sale items to a club that works with handicapped children and horses. We fed over 180 families with over 8,000 pounds of food in partnership with a food bank. We cleaned the main street in our town, painted the curbs and handicapped zones, and cleaned, painted and repaired the bleachers at the City park. The biggest project was remodeling the whole Police Department facilities—a $120,000 project! We experienced the miracles of getting all labor donated, materials given at low prices, and more than 3,000 hours of labor for free. We prepared for eight months for our first FIA, and we had 92% of the congregation participating!” 

What a fantastic outreach to their community!

International Fireproof Site License

Carrie Carey, Outreach Solutions Consultant: Great news from a church in Northern Ireland who recently purchased an International Fireproof Site License.

“We had about 70 people who had been on the marriage course and the movie event was being used to publicize the forthcoming national marriage week / marriage course.  The audience hardly moved throughout the film – there was laughter, tears and smiles.    There was supper after and everyone was really impressed with the quality of the film (skeptics didn’t think a church could make a good film). Some of the ones in church who are from a Catholic background wondered if the conversion bit was too evangelical for Catholics – they were discussing this in a local cafe the next day and the owner overheard them and started asking questions about what they were talking about and she then said how she would like to offer her cafe to host the marriage course :)  The organising committee met on Tuesday to discuss all the feedback and have drawn up questions on the issues in the film for further discussion. e.g. What went wrong with their marriage in the first place – Why did he make it to day 43 etc etc.  What brought about the big change in Caleb’s attitude. The next step for the group is that they are organising a meal in Portrush Town hall in February where it is hoped to have 70 couples – half brought and paid for by a couple that bring them as guests and then hopefully the guests will go on the marriage course which runs for one night a week for 6 weeks.”

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