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Stories from the Trenches

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 6 years ago 0

Stories from the TrenchesTo encourage churches to reach out to their communities, we regularly post stories of churches engaged in successful outreach efforts. These stories come straight from our Outreach Solutions Consultants, who daily help churches reach more people for Christ. 

Back to Church Sunday

Deb Ortega, Outreach Solutions Consultant: I talked to a church in the Midwest planning to host summer and early fall Block Parties to coincide with Back to Church Sunday. They will divide their community into four sections, assigning leaders for each area and inviting all of their neighbors to attend so they might get to know them, love them, and eventually invite them to church. I loved this idea—so non-threatening and fun!

Our Products

George Hadden, Outreach Solutions Consultant: I have been working with a pastor in Queens, NY. He sent me an e-mail about our Indoor Banners: “The blue-ish banners up on the wall have been mounted there for over five years with very little evident wear—and receive a good four hours of direct sunlight in the morning. I say this because your catalog says specifically “not for outdoor use,” yet they really do work great. The ones by the door use the pole-mounting brackets with a spring mount to allow for varying tension in the banner—they stay up 24/7 for about two months, and then we change them to create interest.” It’s great to be able to sell quality products!

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