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Steps to Success with Churchwide Campaigns

Posted by Alison Kennedy 5 years ago 0

New Years provides the perfect opportunity to launch a campaign since people naturally think of fresh starts and new goals. Outreach has a full selection of church campaigns that you can choose from or rally the church around a known need. Campaigns are a useful action-plan to launch a new ministry, promote a cause, rally a new audience, or achieve new goals. A comprehensive campaign strategy can be a great ally in reaching our media-saturated culture.

Here are some steps that may help you plan your New Year campaign. Most of these can be adapted to any goal, but use or scrap as it applies to your special circumstances. As with any endeavor—don’t forget to pray the whole way through!

Creating a Vision

  • Decide on a goal that will benefit your body of believers. Maybe you need to build stronger interpersonal relationships, promote inter-church bonds, or put more emphasis on your building campaign—your goal can be inreach or outreach related, and always specific to your church body and community.
  • Devise a solution to attain your goal, keeping in mind that there are probably many ways to do so. Choose one that you are passionate about, that fits your church best. Is there a specific cause you want to rally behind? A new ministry you want to start? Can you partner up with a local organization or other churches?
  • Build your team. Get church leadership on board, you will need their input and support. Build a team of volunteers and manpower.
  • Tie it all together with campaign branding and a logo. This will help communicate your vision and keep it fresh in everyone’s mind. Consider items like flyers, special bulletins, banners and take-home pieces.

Rally the People

  • Preach it from the pulpit. Dedicate an entire Sunday (if not a sermon series) to communicating the value and purpose of your goal. When the pastor picks up the cause, it communicates its foundational importance to everyone.
  • Make it personal to your audience. Use stories, testimonies, videos and other media to make the problem and the solution seem more real and relatable.
  • Make it easy to participate. Provide ways to participate at different commitment levels, and create simple action-points.
  • Create a measurable goal with a deadline. This sets an expectation that you can strive towards together.

Maintain Focus

  • Communicate progress in your announcements and in your newsletter. This promotes accountability with your people and serves as a constant reminder.
  • Celebrate the blessings with everyone when you finally do achieve your goal (or even if you fall short). Show a video, throw a party, and share testimonies. When we see the fruit of our labors, we are so encouraged to continue being fruitful.
  • Continue on in the new vein, creating new goals that support your initial vision. Maintain relationships that have been forged, and continue to encourage your congregation with stories and progress.
For more more ideas view the article by Outreach Magazine: 6 Steps to Success with Churchwide Campaigns.

How is your church preparing for the New Year? Are you starting a new campaign, sermon series or refocusing on individual growth, or??? Please share your stories and insights in the comments section—you make this resource more valuable for others!

In a nut shell, I am a pastors wife and mom of two great kids. I try to find joy in everyone and everything. I am where God has called me to be and I love it!! Currently, I am the Electonic Marketing Manager at Outreach.

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