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Pinterest + Church – Part 2

Posted by Alison Kennedy 4 years ago 0

karenbluepotsc_reasonably_smallToday we have a guest blogger joining us!  I’d like to introduce Karen Hammons a creative expert in Pinterest from People of the Second Chance. She is here to share more ideas about how churches can use the newest social network called Pinterest.

“I’ve learned from Pinterest how vital it is to share art/content from within the community. It acknowledges to the tribe that we recognize their value to our organization. Each individual within a tribe has art they create. Pinterest gives a beautiful way to capture it and share it.  When you give the tribe a voice, the reach goes further. Our platform is not only about the content we create – it’s about sharing how the tribe interrupts, understands, lives, creates, and causes action from that content. ” – Karen Hammons

Creative Ways to Reach Your Community

Your church is creative. Pinterest is empowering many individuals to find the creative that has been lying dormant. It also communicates how creativity comes in many different forms and brings people together. In a way, it’s like having a daily art show that encourages others to use their voice through creativity.

Giving individuals within the church a platform to share their voice will empower your church community, create more dialogue, build relationships, and further the reach of the church. It creates an inclusive atmosphere that becomes contagious.

Creative Pinterest boards for churches could include:

  • Visuals with Quotes

Pastors share wisdom each week. Share his words on Pinterest in a simplistic, creative way and further the reach your Pastor’s words could have.

  • Community submitted artwork based on Sunday messages.

Share with the church how you are looking for community creatives to share their art (photography, paniting, building, etc) that would weave themes from Sunday’s message. You could have a team of volunteers who run this so that it flows organically and strategically. 

  • Images of tweets captured from Twitter that are talking about your church.

Many within your church community are on Twitter and talk about what they are learning from leadership within the church. Create a Twitter hash tag for your church and encourage the conversations. Then capture an image of those tweets to share on a Pinterest board. It’s a quick, creative way to share dialogue about your community, to give more than one perspective, and build relationships. Example: http://pinterest.com/potsc/you-said-it/

  • Boards for specific communities within the church.

Don’t feel limited on how many boards your church maintains. Launch specific lifestyle boards to create the inclusive feel that your church gives on Sundays. Your Women’s Ministry could maintain boards for food, fashion, etc. Parents of Special Needs children would be highly engaged with a board that was relevant in meeting them where they are at. The more specific, the more individuals will engage, and your church’s voice will reach out further.

  • Small Group Boards

Allow Small Group leaders the opportunity to maintain a board for pinning things that would draw others to their group. The board could share images from times the groups met, words that encourage the group, art that the group creates, community outreach the group is involved with, studies being worked through, etc. This is a great way to visually share with new members how your small groups opeerate and encourage them to be involved. 

Pinterest is no longer “only a place for recipes”. It’s a powerful tool to create dialogue and build community in a creative way to carry the impact of your church further.

Does your church use Pinterest? We would love to hear how you use it! Share on this blog or Facebook.com/outreachinc



In a nut shell, I am a pastors wife and mom of two great kids. I try to find joy in everyone and everything. I am where God has called me to be and I love it!! Currently, I am the Electonic Marketing Manager at Outreach.

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