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Is Easter Sneaking Up On You?

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 5 years ago 0

Although it is the most anticipated date on the church calendar, Easter can still sneak up on us. As you scramble to put the final touches on your Easter program, or put one together from scratch, here are a few last minute suggestions to try…Easter Graphic for Blog Post

 Encourage Invitation

  • Step 1 – Ask church members to pray for 5 people to invite on Easter Sunday.
  • Step 2 – Equip them with printed invitations and set up a Facebook event page so that they can easily pass-along the invite.
  • Step 3 – After service, provide an element of fun. Host an after gathering—a church picnic, coffeehouse, or meet and greet.

 Get the Word Out

  • Door to Door: Walk the neighborhood with door hangers, or send a last-minute postcard to your target demographic.
  • Banners & Signs: Hang a banner on church property or businesses around town. Provide yard signs to members.
  • Media: Approach your local radio station, newspaper or news station with a press release for Easter events.
  • Internet: Take out Facebook ads, create a Facebook event page, and post comments regarding Easter services to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Take out a free ad on Craigslist. Try free Google Advertising.

 Crash Someone Else’s Party

  • Local Easter Festivities: If your city or mother’s club is hosting a big Easter egg hunt or parade, ask how your church might help. Host a booth, pass out Easter baskets and invites, or help stuff plastic eggs for the kids.
  • Another church’s special event. Partner up with another area church already planning an event or gathering outdoors.

 Clean House

  • Church Building & Grounds: Provide a hospitable welcome. Clear debris, spring clean, and provide a welcoming and updated atmosphere.
  • Church Website: Assess your website for design and functionality, and provide Easter specific information. Make sure you are listed on Google when someone searches for “church” alongside your city name.
  • Accessibility: Provide easy parking for visitors, and directional signage.
  • Information: Ensure your info center is current and relevant for visitors.

 Not-So Random Acts of Kindness

  • Photo Opp: Snap photos at the local Easter event. Provide free CDs to each family of the images, or pass out invites and cards indicating where people can view or purchase photos (try Shutterfly.com, SnapFish.com, Flickr.com, or a similar photo sharing service).
  • Easter Basket Craft: Bring plain Easter baskets to a nearby retirement home, and spend time decorating them with the residents.
  • Neighborhood Seder: Encourage members to host neighborhood Seder dinners, inviting unsaved neighbors and explaining the traditions behind the meal.
  • Spring Cleaning: Enlist the youth group to clean yard debris, do odd-jobs, and plant gardens for shut-ins or families in need.
  • Adopt an Easter Basket: Ask members to each donate a filled basket, and coordinate with a family shelter, school or food bank for distribution to families in need.
  • Basket Invites: Suggest that members assemble custom Easter baskets for friends as an Easter invitation. Baskets might include a Bible, music CD, candy, gift cards, book, an invitation to Easter services, and other thoughtful items.

 Comeback Events

  • An Intriguing Series: Follow up Easter with a testimony series or other interesting sermon series.
  • A Special Event: Host a family-fun park day, concert, beach bonfire, or buy out a day at the pool or bowling alley in the weeks following Easter.
  • Ministry Events: Ask ministries to each plan a special event in the following month. Include them in Easter announcements.
  • Open House & Orientation: Cast the vision for your church and various ministries, and provide an introduction to the faith.
  • A Newcomers Class: Start a Bible study for new believers.

 What is your church planning for Easter Sunday?

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