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God is Not at www.GOD.com…er…org!

Posted by Michael Roberts 5 years ago 0

GodQuestWhen you type “God” into Google, it will retrieve somewhere around 855 million results in 16 seconds.  It’s not “speaking-the-world-into-existence” impressive, but still—pretty impressive. So you might be thinking, “What ranked first in the search engine results?” Not surprisingly, it was Wikipedia and its clinical and sanitized (still smelling of disinfectant) definition of God, which reads, God, the English name given to a singular being in theistic and deistic religions.” Wiki went on to categorize God into discussions and definitions on Etymology and Theological, Theism and Deism, Monotheism and Pantheism, Dystheism and Non-theism, Non-religious views regarding God, Anthropomorphism, and finally, how the major “Abrahamic” religious population is distributed across the globe.  Whew.

Did I miss it? Was there a hyperlink I overlooked? Was there something in the notes, references, or “Also See” section I failed to review—was it in the HTML source code?

Where was God?

It’s not that I wasn’t searching. There were over 800 million results—you’d think that God would have had better SEO not to garner at least a top-five ranking. And God.com doesn’t count, because God is definitely an .org, not a .com. He wasn’t there.

It seems to be this way in life. There are an nth number of user-paths people have created, essentially saying “Hey, He’s over here,” believing they’ve found a new trail head that leads to the Most High. It usually has 40 steps, is completed over seven days, or is realized after a “seed” is planted. They all promise the experience of transformation, prosperity, and security. But they don’t lead us to God—and they don’t deliver on the promise of peace, much less the transcendent relationship with the loving Creator of the universe. 

In his new DVD study series GodQuest, Sean McDowell discusses the myth of “all paths lead to God” and establishes a core, biblical foundation for guiding disciples and seekers alike on a journey to the One True God. No tricks, just real evidence that lead us where the search engines don’t—to God. With supporting teaching from apologists Lee Strobel and Josh McDowell, Sean looks at the evidence and facts about Jesus and the existence of a real God.

The GodQuest study series is a life-changing, six-week journey toward truth and the God everyone longs for.  GodQuest presents the truth about God and Christianity in a unique way, so that no matter where you are on your spiritual path, GodQuest will guide youand your hearton a journey into a relationship with Him. Each week, you’ll be introduced to one of six “signposts” that will direct you through this DVD study. Your faith will truly be transformed as GodQuest takes you on a path to the practical teaching and compelling evidence of the Gospel while presenting the truth about the existence of God, the deity of His Son Jesus Christ, and how you can have an eternal relationship with Him—now and hereafter.

Look for GodQuest’s release in July and get ready for the journey of your life.

Visit: www.theGodQuest.com

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