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Dont Forget the Third-Highest Attendance Day of the Year!

Posted by Carri Gambill 5 years ago 0

Expand Your Outreach This Mother’s Day

Tulips for Mothers DayEven though we know that Mother’s Day is the third-highest attendance day of the year, coming up with new ways to reach out can be difficult.  Here are some tried-and-true ideas that we’ve compiled.

Capture the Moment
Enlist a photographer in your church – or from the community – then advertise a free or discounted photo shoot for Moms and their families, before and after church.

Kids Say the Darndest Things
Don’t underestimate the power of children’s songs or presentation during your service.  Let the kids help you write the material: let them tell why they’re thankful for their moms.  Be sure to include a testimony of a child whose mother led him or her to Christ.   Parents and grandparents who otherwise might not set foot in a church will come with cameras for a beloved child on stage.

Celebrity Mom
Is there a high-profile Christian woman in your community who’s also a Christian?  Perhaps a local news anchor, a mayor or city councilwoman, a well-known business owner.  Consider inviting her to speak on the joys – and challenges – of raising kids in a Christian home.

Breakfast in Bed
Cook up a pancake breakfast early in the morning.  Dads (and kids) can bring their own containers to take home breakfast in bed to Mom.  Publicize it outside your church!

Free Carwash for Moms
In the vein of servant evangelism, organize a car wash your community won’t soon forget, free of charge with no strings attached.  Just leave a small Mother’s Day invitation with your church’s information in each clean vehicle.

Spring Makeover
Scout around for elderly or single moms who could use some fix-it help – both in your church and in your community.  Organize a crack team of handymen to tackle their repairs.

Flowers for Forgotten Moms
Buy flowers in bulk that can be used to decorate your worship center on Mother’s Day.  Then afterwards, have volunteers transport flowers to residents at a convalescent hospital or assisted-living facility.  Consider having church members “sponsor” the flower arrangements and sign a Mother’s Day card for each delivery.

Blooming Art
Use those flowers purchased in the above idea in a floral-arranging class on the Saturday before Mother’s Day.  Enlist a gifted congregation member or local florist to teach the free class, so that they’re pre-made for delivery.

Lunch for Mom
Create a list of the necessary ingredients for several delicious lunches, like ham and potatoes or roast chicken.  Ask families in the church to sign up to buy particular items or cook the food, then bring the meal to the church kitchen on Mother’s Day.  Volunteers can organize the food, place completed meals in baskets and deliver them to a few needy families in your community.  Not sure how to find them?  Elementary school teachers and staff are usually well-aware of the needy in their midst, and can often pave the way for your help.  Perhaps the meal could be delivered as a gift from the school-age children to their mother.

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