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Deck Your Halls for Christmas—It’s Not Too Late!

Posted by Carri Gambill 6 years ago 0

Well, today I finally was able to turn up the volume on my Christmas music and not feel ashamed! It is officially “after Thanksgiving,” and being in the Christmas spirit is now allowed. I was out of town for Thanksgiving and was amazed at the transformation that had occurred in my neighborhood when I returned home—elves apparently had been very busy remaking houses into winter wonderlands!Christmas Begins with Christ

Even if you haven’t put up your decorations or started shopping (I know I haven’t), it’s okay as long as your church has started planning for the season. Christmas visitors are on their way very soon, and your church needs to be ready. Have you looked at how to keep your Christmas Eve guests into the New Year? Have you planned an “invite-able event” to which your regular attenders can invite family and friends?

Believe it or not, it is not too late! December is here, but Outreach is also here to help your church with its last-minute needs: Gorgeous indoor banners to help set the mood in your lobby and on your stage can be shipped in just two days; eye-catching bulletins for Christmas Eve are ready for you to print on your laser printer; Do-it-Yourself oversized postcards are available with great graphics on the front and blank backs, so that you can include your own note and leave them in local businesses or give them to friends and family!

And, if you are in need of assistance, Outreach even has our own fleet of “elves” or Outreach Solutions Consultants as they are better known around here, who can help you pick the best designs and make sure you get them in time! Give us a call at 800-991-6011 or order online today—it will be one more thing that you can cross off your list this Christmas!

is the Marcom Manager for the products division at Outreach. Carri has worked at Outreach for so long that she actually remembers when the whole staff worked on imacs (hers was a Blueberry). Today she is known for her ability to McGyver back office systems while juggling multiple marketing plans and catalogs.

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