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Coming Soon: The Launch of ChurchLeaders.com!

Posted by Brian Orme 6 years ago 0

Coming Soon: The Launch of ChurchLeaders.com!ChurchLeaders.com

I’m the General Editor for ChurchLeaders.com, a new site (soon-to-launch) by Outreach. Our team is working (and praying) diligently to make ChurchLeaders.com something of great value for every ministry leader out there.

What’s ChurchLeaders.com all about? Glad you asked. Here are my answers to the more “frequently asked questions.”

What’s the purpose of ChurchLeaders.com?

ChurchLeaders.com is a site dedicated to resourcing, informing, and connecting a community of church leaders for greater impact worldwide.

What will I find on ChurchLeaders.com?

You’ll find engaging articles from today’s top voices in the church, fresh ideas, current news, free resources, and a growing leader community all geared to help you lead better.

Is it just for pastors?

Nope. ChurchLeaders.com is for every leader, aspiring leader, volunteer, or staff person that has a desire to serve Christ and change the world. Whether you’re a lead pastor, youth leader, children’s ministry leader, worship and creative leader, small group leader, outreach and missions leader—ChurchLeaders.com can serve as your ministry guide.

How do I stay connected to ChurchLeaders.com?

You can expect to see us live in mid-August, but until then, stay in-the-know with the launch of ChurchLeaders.com by subscribing to our newsletter (just go to http://churchleaders.com/) or check out our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/churchleaders) for current church leader news and stories (and while you’re there, don’t forget to “Like” us).

Have additional questions? Shoot me an email at brian@churchleaders.com.

As the General Editor of ChurchLeaders.com I get to work with creative and innovative ministry leaders to discovery the best resources, trends and practices to equip church leaders. I have more than twelve years of ministry experience and a background in writing and editing. My writing has been featured in Relevant Magazine, The Washington Times, Arizona Republic, Neue Magazine, Dayton Daily News, and Burnside Writers Collective.

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