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Bring Your Next Missions Trip Home With Social Media

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 5 years ago 1

Planning a Mission Trip with your church members?

Here are some tips from Outreach Magazine on how to bring your next mission trip home with social media.

  • Open a Twitter account and Facebook page before the trip.
  • Create an event on your church’s Facebook page for a fundraising party, or before the trip post fundraising links to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use a Web publishing agent to upload media to multiple locations simultaneously. Try Posterous.com.
  • Have people on the mission trip post via smartphone to Facebook/Twitter this will help your mission trip stay in the minds of your church members while you are away.
  • Upload photos and videos to help the people who funded your mission trip see how you are making a difference.
  • Mission FieldStart a social media campaign to increase awareness and bring relief to people and situations the team encounters.

Read how social media is helping mission trips:

How to Best use Social Media to Enhance your Church’s Mission Trips“ Four-part series of posts from Adam Cleaveland, youth and young adult leader at Asbury United Methodist Church in Livermore, Calif., on his blog, PomoMusings.

Engaging Missions Via Social MediaYouthWorker Journal article by Lead Youth Minister Lars Rood of Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas on the use of social media during a trip to Haiti.                                                                           

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  1. [...] Social media can make planning and connecting with the mission trip group much more convenient for everyone involved. Creating an event for the trip on Facebook is an excellent way to keep everyone posted on any changes to the itinerary and other announcements that affect the status of the trip. Create social media accounts devoted entirely to the mission trip, so the members involved can keep in touch with those back at home. These accounts can include Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and any other accounts that allow members to record and share their life-enriching experiences. [...]

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