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Attracting Families with your Children’s Program

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 4 years ago 0

Childrens MinistryYour children’s and youth ministry programs at some point, touch almost every family in your church. It is also one of the most important factors a visitor will consider before returning to your church. Even families who don’t attend church regularly may have strong feelings about sending their kids to your children’s program. Accordingly, it is critical that your children’s ministry not just be quality, but be perceived as quality.

One of the keys to raising the profile of your children’s ministry is through a coordinated visual image. Give the department a vibrant look and style all its own.

Give your children’s ministry an exciting name and logo. This “identity” makes children feel like they are entering their own special world. On communication pieces, it helps parents identify important information coming from the children’s ministry.

Create a bright and inviting entrance to your children’s ministry. Even if your church handles check-in at each class, a cheerful area with informational brochures, visitor registration and a greeter, demonstrate that your children’s program is important, high quality and fun!

Balloons, colorful cutouts, bright signs and other exciting visuals say “welcome” to kids and their families. Print brochures with specific information about your children’s program, nursery procedures, and upcoming activities.

Make sure all of your children’s classes are identified with attractive, consistent signage. Also, remember to include easy-to-follow directional signs to classes, restrooms and back to your main auditorium. These all help your children recognize their “special place,” and makes visitors feel more comfortable.

Parent letters, “thanks for visiting” and “we’ve missed you” cards, event flyers and promotion – these are all important ways to stay connected to the little people God has already brought to your ministry.

Did you know that a children’s ministry event can be an exciting and effective outreach channel for your church? Whether it’s VBS, AWANA, a children’s concert, puppet show or community carnival, many parents in your area are looking for children’s activities that reinforce Christian values (whether they are church attenders or not!) Advertise your church with postcards, door hangers and small personal invitations, and both indoor and outdoor banners to promote your children’s activity or program.

By creating a vibrant, coordinated and professional image for your children’s ministry you will give both your regular church attenders and visitors a sense of the excitement and fun that comes with growing together in God.


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