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Are We Too Comfortable?

Posted by Kim Levings 6 years ago 0

Don’t you just love the power of social networking and online interaction between great minds? Just a few years ago, one might be lucky to stumble across these interactions through printed material, but most likely we would have been blissfully unaware of the existence of the thought. Maybe the thinker wouldn’t have even thought to share it in the first place. Now we have discussions circulated to thousands, infiltrating the hearts and minds of the readers in a matter of hours. So, let me add to the noise and share the link—to a link to another link!

Perry Noble is one of my favorite bloggers, and he shared some great links this morning.  This Tim Keller quote on Jonathan Herron’s blog really caught my attention, coupled with the great quote from Jim Henderson:  “What most Christians can’t do is have transparent, authentic relationships with non-Christians.”

SheepI think we have two critical issues with today’s church. Not only have we forgotten how to have authentic relationships outside of our Christian “bubbles,” but we have taken time to become entrenched in our ways and develop a comfort zone—where we’re all fat, happy sheep. The longer we stay in the comfort zone, the more “normal” it feels. At what point do we step out and create a new normal? When do we question ourselves about the motives, the content, the truth and authenticity of everything we do as the church?  It’s easier to stay in the pen, but so tough to go after that lost lamb… it’s scary out there, right?

One way to challenge your thinking and get outside of your “zone” is to interact with other leaders who have stepped out of the norm. Learn from them, discuss your challenges, and hear about not just their success but their failures and how they dealt with the tough times, too.

The National Outreach Convention is the opportunity for you to look at your church and your leadership with a whole new focus: from the outside.

Let’s be sure not to whine about someone rocking our boat, but instead, get OUT of the boat altogether—who knows what Jesus has in mind for you and your church? 

See you in November!

Executive Director of the National Outreach Convention, and Vice President at Outreach, Inc - oversee Training (external and internal), Human Resources and Operations. Prior to a nine year history with Outreach I was a church consultant, coach and training/curriculum writer for large churches and para-church ministries. I am originally from South Africa - and had a 15+ year history in Human Resources, Manpower Development and retail/operations management, in the secular field.

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