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After Easter Now What?

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 4 years ago 0

Easter When there are no Easter eggs left hidden in the yard or house; the final strands of the “grass” are no longer hiding behind furniture; and you have officially stored the winter coats as spring has arrived – does the question “now what?” sometimes come to mind?

In the lives of those who live with the hope and promise of a risen Christ – the answer to that question may be significantly different to those for whom Easter is no more than the chocolate bunny. The reminder of God’s love for us through the ultimate sacrifice often serves as a re-calibration of our spirit – putting the “spring” back in our step. (Pun intended) We feel at peace – start enjoying the change in weather – and make plans for the next “big” thing in our lives. The stores will soon have July 4th and summer merchandise on the shelves, and life goes on.

But summer could well just be another season in the long lonely road of the soul who has not yet claimed the gift offered to them. They will now face the economic and emotional challenges of the kids being home for summer – and the budget probably doesn’t stretch far enough for summer camp, or even a vacation. Perhaps it is an older person who has realized that life is slipping away as they gradually recede into their lonely space – family too distracted to care much any more. The lonely soul may be one struggling with past hurts, pain, addictions and trauma – with no one to help. Or the homeless stranger that you drive by every day, trying hard not to notice the “I’m Hungry” sign.

We have been reminded of the hope we have in Christ. So, in this post-Easter, pre-summer season, fellow Christians, let’s share that hope and put our energies into being the church more than ever. Don’t wait until the next “big” event in the church to invite that struggling friend to come with you to hear the message. Don’t wait until the church gives you a program to help serve the needy. Don’t drive by in your rush to live your Christian life, and leave behind the thirsty souls that need to drink the water of life. We are God’s Plan A – there is no Plan B.*

 * Christine Caine – Stop Acting Like a Christian, Just Be One!

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