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7 Ways to Digitally Market Your Easter Event

Posted by Alison Kennedy 2 years ago 0

Looking for last minute ways to digitally boost the buzz for your Easter event? These ideas should be used in conjunction with other invitational tools such as InviteCards and DoorHangers because the best invitation is a personal one whether it be online or in person!

FREE IDEA-      FREE –  Facebook Event. Create an event on your Facebook page and ask church members and fans of your page to share it with their friends. Click here to learn more about creating events: http://www.facebook.com/help/events/create

-       FREE – Send out an email to your congregation that advertises your Easter event. At the bottom of your email newsletter you can add social sharing tools (http://www.addthis.com/) called “Add This “. It allows your members to share your event via email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. An easy tool that allows your church members to send and share a personal invitation to YOUR church via your email.    

-       FREE – Have you heard of Pinterest? It is a very different approach to social networking and sharing that has become very popular in the last two years. On Pinterest, people share the things (pictures and videos) they are interested in by pinning them to virtual bulletin boards. Creatively post pictures about your Easter event and ask church members to re-pin it. More on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/landing/

-       FREE – Did you know that Christian radio stations websites have community calendars that you can post your event on? Try these large community calendars: Air1 and KLove.

Paid Ways to market your easter event

-        PAID -  Consider contacting a local news station and asking about advertising online. The ads will appear next to the news that potential visitors will be reading.

-        PAID -  Facebook Ads are an easy way to attract attention to your church. You have the ability to just display your ad in your city. For more information on how to do this visit: http://www.facebook.com/advertising/

-        PAID – Everyone Googles! Get your  church’s Easter event up on Google Express – Local Advertising. Like Facebook you also have the ability to run the ad only in your city. For more information on how to do this visit: http://www.google.com/adwords/express/

In a nut shell, I am a pastors wife and mom of two great kids. I try to find joy in everyone and everything. I am where God has called me to be and I love it!! Currently, I am the Electonic Marketing Manager at Outreach.

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