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3 Church Sign Rules

Posted by Brian Orme 6 years ago 0

Drove by a few church signs the other day on my way through town. They got me thinking about how churches communicate. Seriously, church signs fascinate me.

Here are 3 simple guidelines I came up with for using church signs effectively.

1. Don’t post cliches or clever catchphrases. (e.g., “God answers knee-mail.”) I know it’s tempting, but resist.

2. Please, please don’t post anything negative (e.g., “Dust on your Bible could lead to dirt in your life.”) Negative signs only perpetuate the stereotype that church will make you feel guilty.

3. You’re safe if you use your sign to invite and/or inform—straight up. Nothing more, nothing less.

Of course, these are just guidelines–not rules. Any thoughts? Guidelines you would add? Seen any crazy church signs lately?

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