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Monthly Archives: March 2011

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The “Stickiness” of Like Dandelion Dust

Posted by Krista Veteto 3 years ago

Sometimes the subtle stories are just as, if not more, powerful because they stick with you. They leave questions unanswered and so you think about them and try to figure them out… Because they don’t fit into a box, we can’t easily disregard the underlying messages. [Read More]


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The Third Place

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 3 years ago

Outreach Magazine

When Winston Churchill said, “We form our words, then our words form us,” few would consider that his profound observation could give insight into a church’s ability to reach their community for Christ. However, altering Churchill’s thought to, “We form our buildings, then our buildings form us,” could motivate us to consider how modifying our church buildings can potentially shift our congregation’s focus from inward to outward…. [Read More]


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What is your church excited about?

Posted by Kim Levings 3 years ago

Back to Church Sunday 2011

The 2009 launch of Back to Church Sunday opened up a whole new world of possibilities for the church – especially the opportunity to invite back our friends and loved ones who had previously given up on the church. As…

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