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Monthly Archives: December 2010

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Makeover for VBS

Posted by Alison Kennedy 3 years ago

Sixty-seven percent of all parents need some form of summer care for their children, according to a recent United Way/University of Georgia study examining the childcare needs of two-parent and single-parent families with school-aged children. How your church can help… [Read More]


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Family Connections

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 3 years ago

Families Making Them Work

With many families struggling financially and others struggling to stay together—family is such a crucial focus for ministry. Families need a support network to get through each day—and your church has the opportunity to fill a unique role here. [Read More]


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I’m single… but can I talk to you about marriage?

Posted by Krista Veteto 3 years ago

Art of Marriage

Your church has something powerful to offer to both Christians and non-believers: hope that their marriage can not only be salvaged, but that it can become a beautiful and strong masterpiece BECAUSE of the Gospel.


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Last Minute Christmas

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 4 years ago

Celebrate Christmas

If your church is trying to think of last minute ways to make the holidays special here are a few ideas that you can pull off with minimum planning and fairly short notice… [Read more]