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Monthly Archives: November 2010

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It’s Tough at the Top but You’re Not Alone!

Posted by Brian Orme 3 years ago

You are not alone

It’s tough at the top.  The struggles and pressures that come with being the “point person” in an organization or a church are, at times, overwhelming. These struggles tend to create doubts, distance and loneliness, but don’t worry, this is…


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Free Digital Download – The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask

Posted by Chad Cannon 3 years ago

Mark Mittelberg

I just received a copy of Mark Mittelberg’s newest book The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask. It was a gift from his publisher, and much appreciated. I had a chance to read the physical copy, but it’s currently…


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10 Outreach Ideas on a Shoestring: DoorHangers—Trade Feet for Finances

Posted by Outreach, Inc. 3 years ago

Outreach on a ShoeString

[Part 9 in the 10-part series "10 Outreach Ideas on a Shoestring."] Can’t afford direct mail? You can reach 150 of your neighbors for less than $30 with colorful DoorHangers. Send teams of people out on a Saturday afternoon to distribute DoorHangers with…

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